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‘Still quite unpleasant’: Lilly Singh opens up about ‘painful’ menstrual cramps

Canadian comedian and YouTuber Lilly Singh opened a topic that many young girls and women are all too familiar with: menstrual pain. Cramps associated with excruciating monthly cycles make life miserable for many around the world. It comes and goes, but mostly bad in the first two days of the menstrual cycle.

In an Instagram post, the 33-year-old wrote, “Was going to post a photo from last week when I looked flying, but decided to share the real me right now instead. My uterus is ONE. Does anyone else have periods? “

Singh mentioned the fact that this is the first day of her cycle. “My periods have always been painful. I missed so many lessons in school. Although the symptoms have eased a little with age, it is still quite unpleasant, ”she continued in the caption to the photo in which she sits on the bed with a distorted expression on her face.

“Especially when I’m in hustle and bustle mode and I have every desire to be productive, but my stomach is like ‘no, let me hit you quickly.’ Ugh. (Sic) “

Singh said that “a ray of light” is that “our bodies are amazing.” “I’m going to stroke this hot water bottle a little more and maybe drown in ice cream. Sending you a love gang

The medical term for a painful menstrual cycle is dysmenorrhea. While some people resist, for others it can be a grueling experience for at least the first two days. If you also suffer from painful periods, see your gynecologist to rule out health problems and conditions such as endometriosis

If this is something you’ve lived with for years, it might be a good idea to do something to ease the pain. You can Turn to Ayurveda with these simple tipsas suggested by Dr. Alka Vijayan:

* Drink fennel tea
* Use sesame oil for cooking.
* Daily abhyanga (body massage) with sesame oil
* Include more cumin and fennel in your cooking
* Avoid exercising during your period
* Daily exercise on other days
* Reduce your intake of sugar and sweet desserts

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