Sunny Deol and Dharmendra bond during holiday in Himachal Pradesh: ‘A shy and introvert Sunny is opening up and getting friendly to his old papa’


Dharmendra took to Instagram on Sunday to share photos and videos from a trip to Himachal Pradesh with her son, an actor. Sunny Deol… The veteran actor also expressed his joy at the trip with his son Sunny

Sharing a photo of myself and Sunny Dharmendra wrote: “Friends, I am very happy. My dear son took me to a holiday in beautiful Himachal. Wonderful trip, shy and introverted Sunny opens up and becomes friendly with her old dad. “

Dharmendra also shared a video of the duo enjoying the weather and scenery. The veteran actor captioned the video, “A rare happy journey 🙏 in which a shy and withdrawn son approached his most loving father.”

See photos and videos of Dharmendra and Sunny Deol from their holidays in Himachal Pradesh:

Earlier this month, Sunny Deol shared a video of him being seen camping with his father, Dharmendra. In the video, the senior actor was happy to be on vacation with his “dear son.”

Sunny captioned the video, “Only two of us. Building castles in the sky. Only two of us. #fatherson @aapkadharam “.


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