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‘Sweeping floor daily chore in every Indian family’: Assam CM takes dig at Priyanka Gandhi

Image Source: INC / TWITTER

‘Daily job of sweeping floors in every Indian family’: Assam SM criticized Priyanka Gandhi

Assam’s chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Saturday criticized Congressional leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra for sweeping the floor when she was recently detained in Uttar Pradesh, asking how this could be news since cleaning a room is part of her daily chores. Attending the India Today 2021 conclave here, Sarma said that India has changed and people will not pay attention to such “stage” politicians’ actions.

“I don’t know why a woman sweeping the floor might be news. This is a common home practice in every family in India. I saw my mother sweeping the floor. Didn’t you see your mother sweeping the floor? ” he asked.

The Chief Minister said that Priyanka Gandhi’s act during her detention in Uttar Pradesh was “staged,” otherwise the photographer was there to shoot the video.

Priyanka Gandhi was detained in Sitapur in Uttar Pradesh state early Monday morning as she was heading to Lakhimpur Kheri to meet with the families of farmers who were killed after a convoy of cars ran into them on Sunday.

Ashish Mishra, the son of the Allied Minister of State for House Affairs Ajay Kumar Mishra, was allegedly in the convoy and the police filed a murder case against him in connection with the incident.

While detained at the police boarding house in Sitapur, Priyanka Gandhi was seen sweeping the floor.

On Friday, the leader of Congress made a surprise visit to a Dalit village in Lucknow and took a broom to clean it up.

Asked about the move by the Assam government to evict invaders from state land, the chief minister said the eviction process, whether indigenous or Muslim migrants, would continue in line with the state government’s land policy.

“We cannot allow 1,000 families to seize 77,000 acres of land. Eviction is an ongoing process, ”he said.

The deaths of two people and the desecration of one body during an eviction in the Darrang district of Assam have recently been condemned by individuals, political parties and community groups.

Sarma said many people in Assam, even before independence, believe that Muslim migrants are the root cause of many problems, such as land invasion and loss of indigenous culture and identity.

He said that Muslim migrants should make efforts to eradicate such beliefs of indigenous peoples.

Asked about his controversial comments that he does not want the votes of Muslim migrants, the chief minister said that he knows the community does not vote for the BJP and therefore does not want to waste time courting them.

“I made a deal. They will not vote for us. Therefore, I will not campaign in their areas. But I will carry out all the development work in their areas, ”he said.

Sarma also gave an example, saying that of the 7,000 free houses to be built in Assam, 4.5 million will be Muslim migrants.

(With PTI inputs)

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