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Tahira Kashyap was admitted to ICU because of lethal bottle gourd toxicity: I drank bitter bottle gourd juice

Krishna Priya Pallavi, Delhi

Indian writer and filmmaker Tahira Kashyap said she was recently admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for two days after suffering from pumpkin bottle toxicity (lauka or dudhi). Ayushmann Khurran’s wife shared a video on Instagram, talking about her ordeal and urging her followers not to drink juice if it tastes bitter as it can be fatal to the body.

Tahira took on Instagram to reveal that she was drinking the bitter juice of lauca, which forced her to be admitted to the intensive care unit for two days as it caused her pumpkin bottle to become toxic. She added that after drinking, her body reacted badly. She had 17 bouts of vomiting and her blood pressure dropped to 40. Tahira concluded her video by saying that her doctor said drinking pumpkin juice from a bitter bottle was “almost like cyanide.”

The video starts with Tahira revealing that she was in intensive care for two days due to the toxicity of pumpkin bottles. She asked her followers to avoid lauka juice if it tasted bitter, as she made the same mistake. She went on to add that she used to eat a gourd mixture with haldi and amla every day. However, the day she fell ill was bitter. Her body reacted immediately after consuming the mixture.


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While posting the video on her Instagram page, Tahira wrote: “LISTEN TO THIS! @Instagram is an awesome platform for sharing information! Please read about BOTTLE TOXICITY! put, but I was in deep w #%. “

“When I talk about my children as doctors, I also asked me to spread the word. I took my phone to all those who I know have terrible consequences of the toxicity of pumpkin bottles #greenjuice Bottle, and it’s terrible. Please read between the lines This is fatal In the name of health, just don’t keep on sipping juices! There was a reason I was in intensive care for the same reason, I don’t want to divulge more bloody details, but please spread the word about #bottlegourdtoxicity #dhudhi #greenjuice, “Tahira added.

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