Tempo driver’s daughter in Rajasthan set to become the first doctor in her village


The daughter of a speed driver from the small village of Pachad in the Jalavar region of Rajasthan is set to become the first doctor in her city. Appearing for the fourth time, Nazia scored 668 points in NEET (UG) 2021 and was ranked 1759 nationally and 477 in the OBC category.

The 22-year-old athlete attributed her success to many factors, including the mentorship she received at the Allen Institute in Cat and the cycle she received from the state government after grade 9.

After grade 8, Naziya went to school in Bhavanimandi, which was some distance from her village. It was the gift of a bicycle that helped her travel every day to a distant school and allowed her to continue to cherish her dream.

Born into a poor family with no education, Nazia’s path to success was also helped by state financial scholarships, which she received in grades 10 and 12.

It was the scholarships totaling about one lakh that helped her pay for her education in the city.

“The two state government scholarships have been just as good for me as they paved the way for me to be successful,” Nazia told PTI on Friday.

A native of a village near Bhavanimandi in the Jalavar district, Nazia’s father Isamuddin works as a forklift driver, and her mother, Amina Bi, is a housewife who also works in agricultural fields.

Having scored over 90 percent in grade 12, Nazia signed up for coaching work, which helped her score 487, 518, 602 points respectively in her first three attempts on the competitive exam.

Her constantly improving grades prompted her to once again try to overcome the difficult entrance, which she overcame, scoring 668 points for the fourth time.

Impressed by her dedication to the cause, the institute granted her a 75 percent discount on wages on her fourth attempt.

“The Allen Career Institute is committed to supporting talent who wants to flourish. Nazia brought laurels to the family and the village, ”said Navin Maheshwari, director of the institute.

“These children will later become an example for the region and society and inspiration for other students. “We” will continue to help such children, ”he added.

Nazia thanked the institute for supporting her dream and said she wants to become a gynecologist after completing MBBS. She has a younger brother who is in 10th grade and a sister who recently passed 12th grade.


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