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Tiger Shroff in beast mode is all the fitness inspo we need for today

Tiger ShroffRegular exercise is an absolute relief from eye pain. The tiger loves high intensity workouts and gymnastics, and some of these are not for the faint of heart. Whether it’s kicking taller than your own height or kickboxing with your trainer at the gym, the Tiger is a real miracle when it comes to fitness training.

The actor, when he is not playing characters for the big screen, is often spotted in his favorite corner doing what he loves – in the gym, doing high-intensity gymnastics. Tiger He also continues to share snippets of his workout diaries on his Instagram profile to try and motivate his fans to get serious about their workouts and improve their health.

But on Thursday Tiger entered beast mode while doing gymnastic stance in his gym. Among the training equipment, the Tiger has stunned us all with his recent achievement of performing whirlpools in the air, not once or twice, but four times.

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On video Tiger you can see him running to his trainer in the gym, who is holding a kind of pillow in his hands. The Tiger then makes a circle in the air four times, kicking the pillow, and then returns to the ground. This video makes you wonder if there is anything Tiger Shroff can’t do!

Take a look at his video here:


Tiger is truly proud to have achieved such perfection in his training game. “4! Okay, I’m proud of that, ”the actor wrote. He referred to the new Spider-Man game and wrote that if his Instagram family played the game, they would know about the trick. He also shared that he is probably going to use this trick in the next episode of his films. “I will definitely use this in the next sequence of actions,” he wrote.

Exercise has several health benefits. It helps to increase body flexibility and develop motor skills. It increases concentration and strength, helps to boost the body’s immunity, which further prevents disease.

The Tiger video is all we need for today.

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