Twenty-Five Twenty-One actor Nam Joo Hyuk accused of bullying schoolmate, his agency calls it ‘false rumour’


Actor Nam Joo Hyuk last seen in the drama twenty five twenty one, was accused of bullying someone during his school years. On Monday, Korean media reported that an anonymous tip claimed that Nam Joo Hyuk bullied an unnamed person while he was at school for 6 days. The actor’s agency denied the allegations and filed strong legal action against them. (Also read: K-drama to K-pop: Is India finally warming up to the Korean wave?)

According to The Korea JoongAng Daily, the bullying incident took place between middle school and high school. Anonymous allegedly backed up his claims with a photograph from an acting school yearbook. It went on to say that Joo Hyuk belonged to a group of bullies who often beat, cursed, and even took money from other classmates. Tipper also claimed that the actor taunted him by throwing mechanical pencil refills at him. He added that there are other victims who have been much more severely abused by the actor and are seeking psychiatric help due to Nam Joo Hyuk’s popularity in the industry, according to Allkpop.

Although Nam Joo Hyuk has not personally responded to any of the allegations, his agency Management Soop has shared a statement. “We inform you of our official position regarding the article about actor Nam Joo Hyuk. First, we ask for your understanding regarding the delay in announcing our position to confirm the facts. After verifying the truth with the actor regarding the initial report, we have confirmed that all relevant information is not true in the slightest. We also deplore the one-sided media report that never checked the truth with either the agency or the actor before publishing the article,” Soompi was quoted as saying.

The agency also said that it will take legal action against a reporter for a Korean publication who spread “false rumors” about Nam Joo Hyuk and damaged his reputation. They also added that the actor and his family have been affected by “vague gossip” and “ill-considered rumors” that have been circulating without any confirmation.

Nam Joo Hyuk made his supporting role debut in K-drama, Idle mermaid. He is best known for his leading roles in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo, Habaek’s Bride, and Startup.

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