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UK Covid tracker: the latest data by local authority

V New statesman launched this page to track case counts and other key Covid-19 data at local government level across the UK. It will be updated weekly every Thursday as new data becomes available.

Local vaccinations

The National Health Service of England publishes the number of people vaccinated in each borough (called the mid-range ultra-high productivity zones). You can see how many people have been vaccinated where you live and how this compares to the rest of your city and England in general by entering your zip code below.

The government has now imposed three nationwide lockdowns to curb the effects of the pandemic, but the spread of the virus has always shown differences in different parts of the country: parts of northern England experienced higher transmission rates during the summer, with a second wave in London. only picks up steam in October.

Use the table below to get a longer term view of the data and analyze the latest trends in incidence across all local governments in England, Wales and Scotland.

Covid is spread by locals

In the UK, local isolation measures have focused on entire local governments or regions. But there are still significant differences in incidence rates between areas of these regions.

In Leeds last summer, for example, the villages of Boston Spa and Bramham never had an incidence higher than 200 per 100,000 people, even when localized isolation was in place, and the rates were in excess of 500 cases per 100,000 people in the city center.

Our hyperlocal animated map below gives you an idea of ​​how the epidemic is developing in your area. You can enter your zip code and click or tap the Play button to see how this animation changes over time.

Data note

The figures presented on this page are taken from various official sources. Incidence data are obtained primarily from Public Health England, but where data are reported for Scotland and Wales, the sources are NHS Scotland and NHS Wales, respectively. Positivity rates are taken from the weekly NHS Test and Trace report.

Hospital admissions were taken from the NHS and transferred to the map from hospital trusts to local authorities using a method developed by Colin Angus, a statistician at the University of Sheffield.

This page will be updated every Thursday night as new data is released and will display the latest data available at the time of publication.



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