UP-Uttarakhand agreement: Rawat says Dhami ‘surrendered’ interests of state


Senior Congressional Leader and former Uttarakhand State Congress Leader Harish Rawat said Saturday that Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dami “surrendered” to his counterpart in Uttar Pradesh due to an agreement between the two states to share assets and liabilities.

Uttarakhand was spun off from UP in 2000.

Rawat told reporters in Dehradun that Congress would oppose this in the State Assembly and turn to Lieutenant Gov. Gurmit Singh against the agreement. The former chief minister said the party will also explore legal ways to counter the agreement.

“We affirm that at a meeting on Thursday between the two chief ministers, not only the current rights of Uttarakhand were sold to Uttar Pradesh, but even the future rights related to water were transferred. A state CM is a state CM and is a defender of the rights of its state. It appears that Uttarakhand CM has fully submitted to the national status of the UP CM. I am sad that Uttarakhand CM appeared very small in front of UP CM, protecting the well-being of Uttarakhand, ”he said.

Rawat was referring to Dami’s meeting with UP’s chief minister Yogi Adityanath on the issue of dividing the liabilities and assets of the two states. After the meeting, Dhami thanked Adityanath for his cooperation and said that Uttarakhand was like the younger brother of UP. “Yogiji openly accepted our words. Our motto is respect for everyone and the development of everyone. “The relationship between UP and Uttarakhand is now going to be stronger,” he said.

The agreement signed on Thursday led to a potential decision to divide land and buildings under the control of UP’s Irrigation Department, pending payment of contributions to the Uttarakhand Forestry Department, among other things. It was also decided that tourism and water sports would be allowed for Uttarakhand in the Udham Singh Nagar area and the Upper Ganga Canal in Roorkee.

On Saturday, Rawat announced that in 2018 he was offered as Bjp state governments that the assets of the irrigation department will be split on a 75-25 basis, with Uttarakhand receiving a larger chunk. Congress objected to that even then, and now they say there will be a survey before making a decision, he said.

“In our time, there was a theoretical agreement on the Baigul and Nanak Sagar reservoirs, but today, instead of moving forward, we went back. Now the achievement (of the new agreement) is that we got the right to raft. This means that we have agreed to UP’s right to these bodies and their water, and all we need is the rights to tourism, ”he said, adding that by law, ownership goes to what land it is located on. …

BJP spokesman Shadab Shams said Rawat was questioning the agreement only because he was unable to do so during his tenure as CM. “All I want to say is that Harish Rawatji has failed on this issue, although his leader Rahul Gandhi once formed an alliance with former UP commander Akhilesh Yadav. This agreement between the two CMs is in favor of Uttarakhand, and the congressional response shows that they did not want the issue to be resolved. The agreement will help both states, and that’s for sure, ”Shams said.


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