Uttar Pradesh one of the most investor friendly states: Yogi Adityanath


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Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister of Yoga Adityanath

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Aditinath Friday praised his government’s achievements in industrialization and financial growth, and said improvements in law and order and reforms have helped the state rise to second place in the country over the past five years. …

Uttar Pradesh is currently one of the most investor-friendly states in the country, where an investor no longer needs to worry about their personal safety or the safety of their investments, he said at a program in Kolkata.

“The changes that have taken place in Uttar Pradesh over the past five years are clearly visible on the ground. Factors such as improved rule of law and order, more effective reforms and easier doing business have helped the state to become an investor friendly leader. countries, ”he said virtually, speaking at the annual session of the Indian Chamber of Commerce.

During 2015-16. Uttar Pradesh ranked sixth in the country in terms of financial system parameters. According to him, over the past five years, he has moved to “the second or third position.”

Adityanath took office in March 2017, and elections for the country’s most populous state will take place next year.

“In terms of the implementation of the central schemes, Uttar Pradesh used to be in either 25th or 30th place. Now at least 44 central schemes, he is in the number one position. We used to have only two expressways, but now we “There are five new ones. Uttar Pradesh will soon become the only state in the country with five international airports,” he said.

The Chief Minister also stated that the state has set a new export record for the MSME sector. “Uttar Pradesh recorded exports in the MSME sector in the amount of Rs 1.31 million. In terms of logistics, we are now in sixth place in the country, ”he added.

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