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Vidyut Jammwal reveals wedding plans with Nandita Mahtani: ‘Maybe we’ll skydive with 100 guests, it will be spectacular’

They see Jammwal – a busy man. He’s gearing up for the release of Sanaka, he has his own production house, and his wedding is just around the corner. The action star sits down with indianexpress.com and shares that after the engagement with Nandita Makhtani, a sense of balance arose in his life.

About life after the proposal to Nandita Makhtani

Vidyut took social media by storm when he announced his engagement to fashion designer Nandita Makhtani.… “I don’t plan my life. I never planned my life. I never planned to be who I am today. I’ve been working on this. Likewise, with the engagement, it was just an improvisation. I had two days off after a long time, so I thought, let’s just do this, ”he said.

They see already making wedding plans. He says: “This is how the wedding will take place. It can’t just be routine. I’m not permanent. I don’t want to do anything regular. So I don’t have a date. I don’t know when this will happen, but I have an idea. It will be completely different. Yes, maybe we can try to jump with a parachute with a hundred guests, all in this parachute gear, and they all jump with me. That would be so cool. “

The actor-commander is in a “level-headed mood,” he says, as his life is filled with love and he has starred in films that are gaining acclaim. However, he admits, he likes it when his life is “unbalanced.” He shares: “I think now I have found balance with everything in the right place, the body balances well with the wandering mind. However, I love imbalance. Nothing impressive can be done without imbalance. But in this case, I am happy to find a balance, because according to the quintessence of the idea of ​​perfection and life, everything is perfect. This is the balance I’m talking about. “

That he was a typical action hero

Vidyut has been criticized for starring only in action films in his 11-year Bollywood career. He is often asked how he will prove his versatility. He says: “I want to be the best martial artist in the world. Now I am alone. So I’m proud to be a type. I don’t want to stop typing, but I can do more. I have abilities, my human abilities are much more than we were told. I realized much earlier in life that we have unimaginable potential. “

Although Vidyut was an internationally acclaimed Bollywood action hero, he was also compared to Tiger Shroff. Speaking of comparisons, he says: “There will be comparisons because there are so many action films in India. I’m also talking about action movies that are filming all over India. My generation of actors has changed the way cinema perceives and uses action. And I love that … anyway, there should be more actors filming. I watch so many Hollywood actors who are my friends and we talked about acting in Indian cinema and it gets better every day. Comparisons don’t matter, because this generation of super talented people is growing and we need more every day. “

Vidyut is often called the outsider of Bollywood, how does he see this title? “The underdog is an amazing thing to start with, the underdog is a great story. It never bothered me. I wanted everyone in the world to know that Kalaripayattu is the mother of all martial arts. People know this and today I can retire. But I will not do that. I want to be the best martial artist, not because I have this arrogance, but because I want everyone to know that the best martial artist in the world is a Kalaripayatt expert, and I have achieved that. At this stage in my life, I don’t care that I’m a loser, a superdog, nothing. “

Vidyut is also known for staying away from Bollywood parties and celebrities. “I’m a trendsetter in Bollywood. I am the only guy in India who was put in the top 10 people who should not be contacted in the world. The list includes names such as Vladimir Putin and Bear Grylls. It must be something unique. I don’t care about dads and go to parties. I care about representing myself and India and I am doing very well with that. “

About his new film production venture

Earlier this year, Widyut announced his Action Hero movies production company, where he will create and maintain action films. Of his new venture, he says: “Action movies have been launched because I see a lot of talent being wasted. I want to give a chance to those who really deserve it. I only want to work with directors I think are amazing. I work with Sankulp Reddy, who directed Gazi (2017), and after that he never worked in Bollywood. I wonder why, because he also received a national award. So when I came to Hyderabad, I met him. Simply because he is quiet, does not communicate, does not hang out, does not meet people, does not engage in PR, he has no job here. “

Vidyut-star Sanak will be streaming on Disney + Hotstar starting October 15th.



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