Violence breaks out during ‘Bandh’ in Nanded, Malegaon; 7 policemen including additional SP injured


Image source: INDIA TV

Violence breaks out during Bandha in Nandede, Malegaon; 7 police officers were injured, including Additional SP

During the gang, a fight broke out in Nandede and Malegaon, as a result of which 7 police officers were injured, including another joint venture. Clashes between two groups from the same community reportedly resulted in violence and stoning.

Reportedly, in the past, there was a demonstration against the Tripura violence in Malegaon, during which people clashed with each other. After the violence, the markets were closed and the police ordered people to stay at home.

Police cars were reportedly pelted with stones. In addition, more than 20 shops were vandalized during a demonstration in Amravati.

Thousands of people from a certain community descended on Abdul Hamid Chowk. The violence erupted after an altercation between two groups in the same community. It is said that in the past there was a demonstration in Malegaon against the violence in Tripura, during which people clashed with each other.

There have been incidents of arson, robbery and violence in Tripura following recent reports of violence against the Hindu minority during Durga Puja in Bangladesh this year.

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