Watch Twinkle Khanna singing Adele’s Hello in her ‘special’ voice, Sikander Kher’s remark takes the cake


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Watch Twinkle Khanna sing Adele “Hello” in her “special” voice, Sikander Kher’s remark takes over

Akshay KumarWife and writer Twinkle Hannah knows exactly how to entertain her followers and fans on social media. She never stops tickling their funny bones. On Wednesday (Nov 10), Twinkle shared a video in which she channeled her inner Adele as she sang the hit song Hello.

Sharing the video, Twinkle wrote: “I entered a family vocal competition. Some people have a voice that can break glass, but my voice is really special as I can easily pierce my eardrums! How many of you love to sing! even when you know that you are terrible? (upside-down emoticon) #ToneDeafMembersUnite. “

In the video, you can see her driving in the car and singing a song in a high pitch. Meanwhile, in the background, a child’s voice is heard, seemingly her daughter Nitara Bhatia. The child could be heard asking: “What is this stop?” The video ended with Twinkle finally stopping her song and looking at the smiling child.

Soon, her post was bombarded with laughing emoticons. Sikandar Kher wrote: “The man will hang up as soon as he hears hello.” Twinkle replied, “Hahahaha!”

Twinkle often shares humorous Instagram posts. Recently, after her husband Akshay Kumar’s film Sooryavanshi was released, she re-shared a clip of him fooling around on the street. Under the headline, she wrote, “And this is the Diwali blockbuster for Mr. K. and the box office! Fabulous discovery “. Akshay wrote: “Sorry for the stupid concert, I am immensely happy! Thank you so much for bringing cinemas back into your life. Super response not only for Team # Sooryavanshi, it is a sign of faith that will bring joy and prosperity to our lives. ” film industry. We are nothing without you. Pure gratitude. “

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