West Bengal decides to do away with RMO post, appoint docs as asst prof instead


The West Bengal government has decided to end the century-old position of resident physician (RMO) and instead begin appointing doctors as assistant professors, a senior official said Tuesday.

Such positions will be recruited through the West Bengal Medical Education Service, he said, adding that the RMO cum “clinical mentor” or “demonstrator” position would be obsolete, he told PTI.

But the doctors who are currently RMOs will continue to serve in this post, he said.

“We decided to end the RMO post. But those currently in office will continue to fulfill their functions. In the future, we will not hire any doctor as RMO.

“In case those who continue to work as RMOs have the necessary qualifications, they will be promoted. There will be no service rules change for existing RMOs, ”said a spokesman for the State Department of Health.

However, the state government has put one condition for recruitment for the newly created assistant professor position, he said.

“The Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Master of Surgery (MS) will need to serve at least one year as a Senior Resident (SR) to be eligible to be eligible to participate in the recruitment process,” he said.

There is no RMO position in the National Medical Commission (NMC), instead there are two positions – teacher or teaching staff and resident doctors.

Residents are categorized as Senior Residents (SR) and Junior Residents (JR).

To date, SR posts in West Bengal have been under “bond service” for three years, and in the event of non-compliance with the bond, the relevant physician was required to pay the state an amount of 10 lakh.

Hiralal Konar, senior physician, said: “It was belated as the NMC had long since ended the RMO post. This post is not found anywhere else in the country. But it is not clear yet whether the state will appoint an equal number of associate professors instead of RMOs. “

However, the state has yet to decide on another criterion for the selection of associate professors.

“We are working on this, and as soon as a decision is made, we will publish a notice detailing the criteria for eligibility,” the official said.


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