West Bengal schools to reopen for higher classes from November 16


With only three days left until the campuses open, school authorities in West Bengal are preparing to ensure that high school students are staggered and monitor developments. The School Department has asked institutions to accept all COVID-19 security protocols.

The Basu Brothers Education Minister said two days ago that the school education department will leave guardians the option to call if they want their students in grades nine through eleven to attend face-to-face classes starting November 16 after a break. from 20 months.

School campuses have been closed to students since the end of March last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and teaching has been conducted online.

High school physics classes began briefly in mid-February this year and closed again in April due to the second wave of COVID-19.

South Point School in the south of Kolkata will be inviting 9th and 11th graders to attend hands-on labs on scheduled dates starting November 16, but lessons will continue to be taught online over the next month when the situation is addressed, trustee This was announced to PTI on Saturday by Krishna Damani of the South Point Education Society.

“For students in grades 10 and 12 who will appear for exams, the question of attending regular classes on campus does not arise,” he added.

The GD Birla Education Center here will conduct offline classes three times a week for students in grades 9-12 from November 16, a spokesman said.

“We have changed the timetable so that there are no crowds in the classrooms, so that students can maintain a physical distance from each other and at the same time not compromise on the content of the teaching,” he said.

According to him, the school management will assess the situation for some time and then make an appropriate decision.

Jadavpur Chief Master Vidyapitha Parimal Bhattacarya said, “We have divided our classes of nine and eleven into smaller groups and changed the schedule accordingly. We will also start practical exercises. “

The school will also conduct exams on campus for grades 10 and 12. “It will help them when writing exams offline,” he said.

Sarbari Brahma, Director of Griffins International School, Haragpur, said: “Students have long been excluded from regular school life. Some of the newly admitted 11th grade students didn’t even see the school campus properly. So, first we intend to acclimate them to the environment of the school campus. “

According to the director, at first for three to four days, students were asked not to bring books and notebooks, and the authorities intend to often conduct outdoor lessons in the garden and amphitheater of the school.

“Tours of the campus and dorm will also be provided for first-time students at school,” she said.

Whatever is done will be in compliance with Covid protocols, as members of the school’s safety committee will be on duty along with subject teachers to keep an eye on it, Brahma said.

At the Howrah Jogesh Chandra girls’ school, school principal Subhra Chakraborty said, two female students will sit on either side of a bench with a “do not sit here” sticker pasted between the two seats.

After the chief minister Mamata Banerjeethe announcement that schools will reopen to physical education from November 16 across the rungs, if the Covid situation improves, the Department of School Education and higher education departments have issued a notice to start autonomous classes from grades 9-12 in schools, colleges and colleges. universities.

However, this was left to the discretion of the relevant authorities of the respective colleges and universities to negotiate terms and conditions and decide which semester students at the undergraduate and graduate level will have priority to attend offline classes.


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