‘What a real hero looks like’: IPS officer shares video of Kerala cop fighting man armed with machete | Watch


Image Source: SCREENGRAB

The police officer was identified as Sub Inspector Arun Kumar.

A video has circulated on social media showing a Kerala policeman repelling attacks by a man armed with a giant machete. The incident took place at Para Junction near Kayamkulam in Kerala.

The video was posted on Twitter by Indian police officer Swati Lakra. She wrote: “This is what a real hero looks like. Thank you to this junior police inspector from Kerala.”

The video shows a man lounging on the side of the street as a police car pulls up next to him. The man grabs a machete from under the foot of his two-wheeler and attacks the policeman. The brave officer fights off the attacker and pins him to the ground. Bystanders rushed to the officer’s aid as they both fell to the ground.

Kerala Police shared the video on Twitter. In the video, the police officer is identified as Sub Inspector Arun Kumar. He heads the Alappuzha-Nuranad police station.

The officer had to get seven stitches in his fingers due to the injury.

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