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What Rekha said about growing up without dad Gemini Ganesan: ‘My father never noticed me..’

Yesterday’s diva Rekha has made an outstanding journey in Indian cinema. As a teenager, she made her film debut in Anjana Safar and has starred in 180 films to this day. Today, the actor enjoys well-deserved fame, respect in the film industry and the love of numerous fans. But its beginning was not so smooth. She had a difficult childhood, and she had to take up a profession that she never wanted to do. Rekha, one of the best leading ladies in Bollywood, went into acting business not because she wanted to become an actor, but because her family’s financial situation was not the best after her father dumped them.

On her 67th birthday, we’ll see what Umrao Jaan from Bollywood said about her difficult childhood and her dad she doesn’t remember when he left her and her mother when she was still very young.

Rekha, now called a mystery, was born as Bhanurekha to a Tamil superstar, Twins Ganesan and Telugu actor Pushpavalli. She was very shy and lonely. Although she had to grow up without a father and drop out of school to support her siblings’ education, Rekha described her “little” childhood as “wonderful” for actor-TV host Simi Gareval on her show “Date with Simi Garwal”.

Rekha and Sachin as Child Artists in Ek Akela. (Express archive photo)

When Gareval asked Rekha how the relationship between her parents was developing, the actor replied, “It was a romantic relationship, and everything that is filled with romance is not easy.” When asked what she remembered about her father, she replied: “I was a baby when he passed away. I don’t even remember when he was at home. ” But the actor never got the impression that her family was dysfunctional. Instead, she heard interesting stories about her father from her mother, who was “dizzy with love for my father.”

Although Rekha does not remember the Ganesan Twins as a father, she does remember the superstar as a “fairytale” lover both on and off screen. “He was an amazing lover of my mother or an amazing lover on screen, I was completely mesmerized by watching him on screen,” Rekha told Garevalu.

Rekha's parents Rekha is the daughter of Tamil superstar Gemini Ganesan and Telugu actor Pushpavalli. (Express archive photo)

Actor Mukaddar Ka Sikandar’s first impression of her father was when she saw him taking her half-brother and half-sisters to school. The twins Ganesan was married three times to Alamela, the singer-songwriter Savitri and the actor Pushpavalli. “All the children, there are only a dozen of us, went to the same school. A couple of times he came to leave other children, so that was my first impression of him, I thought, “Oh, this is appa …” But I didn’t have the opportunity to meet him. I don’t think even he noticed me there. He never saw me, ”Rekha recalled.

When asked if it ever bothered her that her father never noticed her, she replied: “Maybe I forgot about it. At this age, I don’t think it matters. I was more worried about my homework or why my sister is prettier than me. ” However, Rekha thinks that she “maybe” missed a father, although she also thinks, “When you don’t try something, you don’t understand what it means. I didn’t know what the word “father” meant. For me, the only father was someone who was in church, that’s all I know about a father. The love of the father must be very different from the love of the mother. but I really have no idea about it. “

Rekha spent most of her childhood with her grandmother and aunt as her mother was absent from filming and the only male influence in her early days was God. “If God can be called a man, then I think God. My older brother was not a role model either. He looked up at me and depended on me. I think he still loves, ”Rekha said when asked about the male influence on her life. Later in an interview, she said that it was the director Mohan Segal who was the “first father” in her life.

The actor is an ageless beauty. Among her contemporaries, Rekha has aged gracefully. But she never took up the acting profession voluntarily. It was because of the difficult financial situation in the house that she had to start working on films. “We had six children and their education, so my mom said that you have to do it. I said I would only make one film (Anjana Safar), ”Rekha said. But, as we all know, it didn’t end with one movie.

But as a living guide, Rekha is still “grateful for everything that has happened in my life. Because if it hadn’t happened in this order, if the script hadn’t been written the way it was written then, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. “



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