What’s black in farm laws except for its ink, asks Union minister V K Singh


On Saturday, the General Minister of Trade Unions (ret.) V.K. Singh asked the farmers what they didn’t write in ink, what was black in the agricultural laws.

“I asked the head of the farmer to tell me what black is (in farm laws). You say that this is a black law. I asked them what is black with ink (used), – the former chief of the army told reporters here, talking about his interaction with the leader of the farmer.

They said that we support your point of view, but these (laws) are still black, ”Singh said.

“What is the remedy (for this)? “There is no cure,” he said, expressing irritation.

In farmers’ organizations there is a struggle for dominance among themselves. These people cannot think of the benefits for small farmers, ”he said.

Singh, Minister of State for the Union of Roads, Highways and Civil Aviation, stated that Bjp will win a grand victory in the elections to the State Assembly of Uttar Pradesh.

“You will see for yourself how the BDP will win the upcoming elections to the UP assembly,” he said.

He also said that this BJP government has followed up on the recommendations of the Swaminathan Committee’s report.


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