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Why you must add sharifa or custard apple to your diet this season

The experts have always focused on food. seasonal and local products. However, many people ignore such foods, especially if they have never tried them before. However, the only fruit you should definitely try is sitafal or custard. Applewhich is widely available in the fall season. The green conical fruit has a sweet taste similar to that of pineapple and banana

But if you’re still unsure, here are a few experts who have shared numerous reasons that are sure to convince you to give it a try.

The fruit has a scaly skin and creamy-sweet flesh and is widely grown in Maharashtra.

Why do you need this?

According to nutritionist Munmun Ganerival, the calcium and magnesium in sitafal keep your bones healthy and strong. “A good source of vitamin B6, eating it will help relieve bloating and PMS (premenstrual syndrome). If you have diabetes or blood pressure problems, this should be fruit. Although high fiber content may lower the risk of diabetes, potassium and the magnesium in it will keep blood pressure under control, ”added Ganerival.


According to nutritionist Sveta Shah, apple custard has the following benefits:

* Cheers up and immunity
* Possesses anti-inflammatory properties
* Good for eye and heart health
* Goes down blood pressure
* Helps cure indigestion
* Believed to have anti-cancer the elements

Previously, nutritionist Rujuta Divekar also pointed out some of the benefits.

* Prevents ulcers and acidity
* Contains micronutrients that leave skin feeling smoother than any liquid foundation.
* Known to Improve Eye and Brain Health
* Helps improve hemoglobin levels
* Has bioactive molecules that exhibit anti-obesity, diabetes and cancer properties.

How much should you have?

Fitness authority Juhi Kapoor said it should be consumed every day. “Don’t be afraid of fruits and don’t underestimate them by calling them high-sugar fruits. Remember that fructose does not easily raise blood sugar levels because fruits contain fiber which slowly release glucose into the blood, ”she said.

Is there a specific time?

According to Kapoor,

* Never eat fruit after meals
* Never eat fruit while eating
* Eat fruit by itself as a meal at 11:00 or 16:00.
* No need to combine fruits. Eat one at a time
* Avoid fruits in juice the form. Eat them whole for maximum benefit

Shah mentioned that it is possible to include sitafal in your diet in the form of fruits, or prepare sweet dishes such as basundi, khir, ice cream, halva, as well as cakes!

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