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Will take up with Union Home minister’s ‘unjust’ move to ‘evict’ Sikhs living in Shillong: Punjab Dy CM

Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Suhjinder Singh Randhava said Sunday that he would support the proposed move by the Meghalaya Interior Minister’s government to “evict” the Sikhs living in Shillong.

Days after the Meghalaya Cabinet approved a proposal to relocate “illegal settlers” from Them Yiu Mawlong area of ​​Shillong, the Harijan Panchayat Committee (HPC), which represents members of the Sikh community there, said it would “fight with teeth and nails »To stop the government from holding the action.

The Meghalaya State Cabinet made a decision earlier this week based on a recommendation from a High Level Committee (HLC) chaired by Deputy Chief Minister Preston Tinsong.

Randhava, according to the official statement, said that he opposed the decision of the Meghalaya government to “evict the Sikhs living in Shillong” and decided to discuss the matter with the Union Minister of the Interior and the Chief Minister of Meghalaya.

Two years ago, a Punjab government delegation led by Randhava visited Shillong and met with members of the Sikh community living there and assured them at the time that he would vehemently oppose any moves against their displacement.

Randhava strongly opposed the latest move by the Meghalaya government, arguing that the eviction of the Sikhs was completely unfair.

The Deputy Chief Minister said Sikhs have been living in Shillong for decades and the Punjab government is strongly opposed to this decision to evict them.

He said that the civil rights of these Sikhs, who have lived in Shillong for over 200 years, will not be infringed at any cost.

Randhava argued that BjpUnder government leadership, the NDA has failed to create a sense of security and confidence among minorities across the country “who feel insecure, the most recent examples of which can be seen in Jammu, Kashmir and Uttar Pradesh.”

HPC Secretary Gurjit Singh said Saturday that the organization, which represents hundreds of Dalit Sikh families living in Them Iew Mawlong or Punjab Lane, has rejected the high-level committee’s report.

Singh also said that his organization has pledged to “fight to the last breath for the rights of the people living in the area.”



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