Xbox app on PC gets new upgrades, will let you select installation directory


Microsoft has announced a new set of upgrades for its Xbox app on PC. Users will soon be able to select and install games in any folder and even use mods.

Installation Directory

Unlike gaming clients such as Steam or Epic Games Store, the Xbox app on PC has always been quite restrictive when it came down to game installation. Players could not choose what folder their games went into, as the app only provided the option to pick between drives.

Installation directory demo on an upcoming Xbox app update. (Image Credit: Xbox, Microsoft)

However, in the latest PC community update, Xbox announced that they will be rolling out install directory selection, where players will be able to choose where their titles get downloaded and even create custom subfolders beneath that. This is helpful when you need to backup your games, transfer them to a different system, or even reset your PC. The feature will soon be available to Xbox insiders for testing before going live.


Select games on the app, for instance, ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’ will feature a small icon, indicating that they are moddable. Soon, players will have direct access to their local files and assets so they can edit and move around stuff to alter desired aspects of the game.

Auto HDR Widget (for Windows 11 users)

With the latest Windows 11 update, Microsoft has introduced an auto HDR feature that crisps up the images in a lot of older games. If you are someone who wants to play without it, the latest update to Xbox Game Bar will add a widget that lets you turn HDR on or off, and also gives you a slider to adjust the intensity.

Behind the scenes, Xbox has been working on improving download speeds and reliability on the app, while also adding a dedicated cloud gaming tab that’s available exclusively to Game Pass Ultimate members.

Currently, Microsoft is also running a limited-time offer in India, where if you purchase a one-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass, you will get additional 7 months free. The base plan on PC is priced at Rs 489, and the offer is only applicable to new users. The package includes access to over 100 quality games on Windows PC and comes with Bethesda games and a free subscription to EA Play.



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