YouTube’s move to hide dislike counter discourages trolls but will affect user decision: Creators


YouTube has officially announced that it will stop showing dislike counts on all the videos across its site. The count will be hidden from the public view, but can be accessed by the content creators through their YouTube studio dashboard.

The company says the development is an attempt at fostering the well-being of content creators. We spoke to YouTubers to gauge their response to the update.

Creators of Binod, YouTubers Gautami Kawale and Abhyudaya Mohan aka Slayy Point had a mixed reaction on this update. “The dislike button is an indicator for YouTubers to know whether the video has been liked by the audiences or not,” Mohan told

Meanwhile, Kawale is doubtful whether the new update will be accepted by the audiences. “When users look out for any videos on YouTube, they choose the best based on the likes-dislikes ratio. The like to dislike ratio helps audience surf through the videos of their choice. The ratio simply gave a bird-eye view to the users,” she explained. And with the dislike counter gone, “balance on the YouTube ecosystem will be lost,” asserted Mithilesh Patankar, a gaming content creator, popularly known as Mythpat.

Some YouTubers think hiding the dislike count will be a boost to small content creators but others like Yashvi Bagga, an entertainment content creator believe that with the dislike counter hidden— it would only “encourage audience to post hate posting in the comment section.”

Bagga points out that YouTube’s initiative is intended to protect and help content creators from ‘hate campaigns’, but may lead to even bigger problem if the haters step ahead and abuse the comments section instead. “People who want to spread hate will look for worse ways hereafter on the comment section, Instagram account, direct messages (DMs), which is going to be way more specific and targeted.”

“Channels with a high number of subscribers and views are the most likely to benefit from this feature. Sometimes the audience can become really swayed by rumors and news, rendering them ignorant of good content and taking their anger out on the comment section or dislike button,” added Dhruv Bisht, popularly known as Funyaasi, another entertainment content creator.

Highlighting on how the update is a massive boost to brands, Pranav Panpalia, founder of OpraahFx, an influencer marketing company said, “Not having any dislikes displayed publicly on the videos will also make creators more brand-safe. It can be an added advantage for the brands too as they do not have to be worried about their branded content getting public dislikes. Also, there would be lesser pressure on creators to regularly anticipate the like to dislike ratio.”



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