300 workers halt work on OTT show ‘Dharavi Bank’ due to unpaid wages, makers says ‘no wilful delay’


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300 workers stop work at ‘Dharavi Bank’ OTT show

Ashok Dubei, secretary general of the Federation of Western India Film Workers (FWICE), said about 300 workers have stopped working on the OTT show “Dharavi Bank” due to non-payment for nearly a month.

Dubi told PTI that workers were building the set for the Zee Studios-sponsored Dharavi Bank series with Vivek Oberoi and Suniel Shetty in a movie town in the suburb of Goregaon. On Tuesday afternoon, the work was stopped.

Dubey said the manufacturing company has yet to pay off more than 50 lakh unpaid wages. The show will be streamed on MX Player.

“About 300 workers are suffering due to disagreements between the art director and the production center Zee Studios. The workers have not been paid for almost a month, and yesterday they finally stopped working.

“When I spoke to the production house, the representative told me that they received the bill (from the art director) only yesterday, so they will not be able to transfer the money to the workers right away. The expected payment of the estimate exceeds 50 lakhs, ”he said.

The workers are members of the Film Studios Setting and the Allied Majdoor Union.

According to Dubey, payments to workers used to come to the union, which were then transferred to them.

“But according to union guidelines, workers now have to be paid directly, which sometimes causes problems.

“Manufacturing enterprises do not have their own details, account numbers. Workers are also constantly changing. This is a large set, so it came out openly, otherwise workers face these problems on a regular basis. “

Dubey said Zee Studios had given assurances that payment would be made, albeit with some delay. “The manufacturing company said that since they do not have data on all workers, they can pay directly to the union, which will then transfer the funds. They do not deny that they will not pay, ”he added.

According to a spokesman for Zee Studios, “delays in payments are out of the question.”

“The fact that the hired crew did not have any discipline in the documentation. We actually raised this issue with the union and asked it to intervene to close this issue. Payments are not delayed due to any intentional delay with Zee Studios, “the post said.


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