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Assam issues guidelines for uniform internal assessment of Class 9, 10 students

The Assam state government has issued strict rules for internal examinations and certification of 9th and 10th grade students in schools under the state council, or the institute could be canceled or its employees could face a reduction in salaries.

Internal assessments should be overseen by the district-level internal examination committees previously formed to ensure consistency in internal examinations across high schools and to evaluate response scenarios, enter grades online, and then announce results as ordered by the Education Department.

Recently, there have been reports of a lack of proper records in many schools and attempts to manipulate records, and last week two people, including a school principal, were arrested in the Kamrup area, allegedly for demanding money to improve grades of 10th grade students.

The issue of internal evaluation also gained prominence after canceled exams in grades 10 and 12 this year because of COVID-19 pandemic situation, and it was decided that the results of both exams would be announced in accordance with a grading system based on student assessment in schools, as recommended by the experts.

The July 19 order states that the success of the school, as well as the student, depends on the results of such internal exams.

“Therefore, it is very important to conduct an internal $ @ $ # Terminal exam for both IX $ @ $ # X grades in accordance with the Academic Calendar schedule distributed by Secondary Education Council, Assam, (SEBA) systematically, with a unified procedure and standards in all districts, ”the order says.

It is mentioned that four exams, including two unit tests, must be conducted in a calendar year at the school level, the order stated that the corresponding exam must be held on the same day in all schools with common checklists established by the District Examination Board. …

In the event of difficulties in taking an offline exam due to the COVID-19 situation, the school management should conduct all internal exams digitally or by any other suitable method, he added.

The school can collect a maximum of Rs 15 per year from each student for all unit tests administered over the course of one year. For the Semi-Annual, Annual and Preliminary Exams, the school may charge the student a maximum of Rs 70 per exam.

The service memo states that the unit test response scripts will be assessed by the school itself.

“The District Internal Examination Committee is to develop a system for evaluating the response scenarios for the six-month, annual grade IX exam and grade X preparatory exam with four numbers. (from) schools as a group, ”the message says.

The committee added that the four nearby schools will be grouped and they will not have the opportunity to enter or leave the group.



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