‘BABA’ back to his ‘DHABA’ after the restaurant fails!

baba ka dhaba after you tubers video

“Baba Ka Dhaba” owner Kanta Prasad has blamed social worker Tushant Adlakha for the failure of his restaurant business as he did not give enough time to the restaurant.

baba back to his dhaba
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Kanta Prasad the owner of ” BABA KA DHABA” said COVID-19 locked down in Delhi had badly affected his restaurant business. After six months of glory and fame, the couple is back to their “DHABA” now waiting for customers in Malviya Nagar in Delhi. The overnight success of this couple could not stand long.

The road from ” DHABA” to the proper restaurant was fueled by you tuber who shared a video of Kanta Prasad and his wife Badaami Devi. This video became the key to overnight success for the couple. The video went viral and the next day saw a long queue of customers from different places were seen. People not only had food from their eatery but also clicked selfies and donation was given.

Zomato the online platform for food delivery also listed this “BABA KA DHABA” on their platform. Prasad saw overnight success and was able to open a restaurant in Delhi. He also cleared his debts and bought smartphones for their family.

However, this overnight success not stood a long way. In February, the restaurant was shut down and the couple returned back to their “DHABA”. Also due to locked down, they are struggling for customers again. He said that the income now is not sufficient for a family of 8 members.

Prasad said he has suffered big losses in his restaurant business that was opened in December 2020.

baba sitting in his new restaurant
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He said that with 5 lakhs and 3 helpers he started his resturant. But never had a good business. Finally, in February he had to close the resturant and could recover only 36,000 rupees from selling cookery, chairs and utensils.

Gaurav, the You tuber helped Kanta by highlighting his poor condition on the youtube platform. But Later Kanta Prasad filed a case on the You tuber. He said that Gaurav shared only his and his family/ friend bank details and kept a major amount of money to himself.

“Is it really the locked down or lack of skills. Due to publicity ‘BABA KA DHABA’ managed to raise funds and open a restaurant with 3 staffs but due to lack of skills or management advice eventually, the restaurant got shut down. One must think on how to grow or how to survive as the situation prevails”, said one of the experts.