Biden invites 110 countries for summit on democracy; Taiwan invited, China excluded


Image source: AP

Joe Biden meets virtually with Xi Jinping from the Roosevelt Hall at the White House in Washington on November 15.

US President Joe Biden invited 110 countries to the Virtual Democracy Summit on December 9 and 10. According to a list posted on the State Department’s website, the invitation did not apply to China, Turkey and Russia. It is noteworthy that Turkey is a NATO member.

The list, however, includes Taiwan, a decision likely to irritate China amid deteriorating relations between the two permanent members of the UN Security Council.

Other major countries invited to the summit are the main allies of the United States. India and Pakistan were invited from the South Asia region to the summit. Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan were not invited.

Among the countries of the Middle East, only Israel and Iraq attended the presidential conference. The traditional Arab allies of the United States – Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates – are not invited.

The theme of the summit is to intensify commitments and initiatives on three main themes: protecting against authoritarianism, fighting corruption and promoting respect for human rights.

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