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Box Office predictions: Satyameva Jayate 2 and Antim to open in Rs. 6-7 crores range :Bollywood Box Office – Bollywood Hungama


Bollywood is back to business again, with two masala films being released in a row, and that too in just 24 hours. While Satyameva Jayate 2 comes out on Thursday, Anti – The Last Truth arrives a day later on Friday. The commercials for both films are similar to masala with a southern style of filmmaking, and furthermore, they are dominated by drama, dialogue and action oriented towards the nobility.

The good news is that the main actors of both films promoted each other’s proposals. Whether it’s Salman Khan or John Abraham, both appreciated the fact that a film made by another claims to continue to attract audiences to theaters, which is a really good sign as it reflects the lack of bad blood.

We can only hope that this will also lead to big numbers. When Satyameva Jayate Released in 2018, it arrived on Independence Day and shook the box office with a huge revelation. While one cannot expect the same with the second in the franchise, given that the release will take place on a regular day, and this is also Thursday, the opening day of Rs. 6-7 crores would be a good enough start. The similarity even Anti – The Last Truth on the posters of Salman Khan, but, in fact, it is headed by Ayush Sharma, for whom this is his second release. In this scenario, even if it manages to end up with a similar opening day of Rs. 6-7 crores (and this is also when Satyameva Jayate 2 will be on the second day), it will be a good enough start.

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