BTS: Emotional Jimin gives James Corden a hug after he apologises for ’15-year-old girls’ remark


TV presenter James Corden addressed his comments about BTS fans, where he called them “15 year old girls.” This caused him a lot of trouble and ARMYs blacklisted him. However, on the last episode of his show, James apologized to BTS for his comments, and they were kindly accepted. BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jungkook, Jimin, and V attended the show where RM brought up the topic.

On the show, RM asked the host, “James, how about you? You were in a fever with ARMYs. Are you okay? ”James replied,“ We ​​made two jokes that I thought didn’t offend anyone. ”Recalling his comments about BTS at the UN summit and the group’s fans, he continued,“ And we said it was where I think it was wrong, we said that your fans were 15 year old girls. “

James also said, “This is certainly not true because I am 43 years old and I consider myself one of the biggest BTS fans on planet Earth. I’ve never been on this side of an ARMY before. ” He said that someone told him they hoped he died, which he thought was “an extreme response to two harmless jokes.”

After James Corden apologized profusely, saying that he never intended to upset the members, RM smiled and said, “James, it’s okay, we appreciate your apology. I wanted to clarify this. ” Then James asked Jimin, “Am I still the mochi dad?” Jimin replied, “Daddy mochi, I believe you.” Jimin and James hugged each other after receiving a lot of “oh” from the audience, and Jimin looked rather flustered after the hug. For the uninitiated, Jimin and James share a special relationship and refer to each other as “dad” and “baby” mochi.

During the show, James also congratulated BTS on winning the 2021 American Music Awards (AMA). James then asked the BTS members if they ever got nervous. Jungkook replied, “I was nervous today.” He then continued, “It’s been over two years since we last saw our fans. It took a long time, so I became very nervous. “

When James asked BTS what they thought about not being able to perform for ARMY in the past two years, Suga said, “At first we were very upset about the whole situation. It was very difficult. But I think we learned a little more from this situation. During the time that we parted for a short while, we learned how precious everything is. The performances, the fans … it was an opportunity to once again think about how precious it all is. I think we tried to see less bad and more good. “

V added, “I spent a lot of time with the members. For example, the seven of us filmed some content together. We lived more like artists than singers. It really made us work even better together. “

BTS are all ready for their upcoming Los Angeles concert at the end of the month.


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