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Chandigarh constable among 3 arrested for ‘killing’ Naya Gaon businessman

KURUSHETRA police arrested on Sunday Chandigarh A police constable, along with two of his accomplices, allegedly for the murder of a businessman from Nai Gaon, who was found shot to death in his car near a canal in the town of Pekhova on 24 June.

Sandeep SinghA Mohali resident with real estate and other businesses was allegedly killed by a Chandigarh police constable and two of his accomplices near Pekhova, Kurukshetra Police Deputy Superintendent said, Narendra Singh said at a press conference here. The arrest was reported to the Chandigarh police.

He said that Constable Manjit Singh, along with two of his accomplices, had been arrested in connection with Sunday’s murder, and Sandeep Singh’s body with four bullet wounds was found in an Innova car near a canal in Bodni village in Pekhov on the morning of June. 24.

In a statement, the businessman’s wife told police that her husband drove out of the house on June 21 in his SUV, carrying a licensed revolver and a pair of clothes, to meet with Manjit Singh.

On the same day, she had a telephone conversation with her husband, who said that he was staying at a hotel in Patiala. She also had a telephone conversation with her husband and Manjit Singh on 23 June, according to the statement.

DSP Narendra Singh said: “During interrogation, the accused Manjit Singh said that he works as a constable in the Chandigarh Police Department and because of his bad reputation in the police department, his 18 promotions were stopped by higher officials.” Sources said that Constable Manjit Singh served in various branches of the Chandigarh Police Force. He faced numerous departmental investigations, including requests for vigilance.

The officer said that Manjit Singh told the police that he made contact with Sandeep Singh about two years ago, and the latter assured him that he would help him correct his record, stating that he would use his influence.

“In return, according to the accused, he (Sandeep) demanded 10 lakhs from him (Manjit). About a year and a half ago, Manjit Singh gave 10 lakh rupees to Sandeep Singh, but he did not correct his notes or return his money, ”Narendra Singh said.

According to DSP, Manjit Singh, along with his associates, was planning to call Sandeep Singh for a meeting in Devigarh.

“They took him hostage in a rented house in Devigarh, snatched his phone and a license revolver in the hope that he would get his money back. But he showed his helplessness to get the money back. After that, in order to show his position in Pekhova in a planned way, Manjit continued to wander in the Pekhova area with his phone (Sandipa) for two days. On the night of June 23-24, he, along with his associates, took Sandip to a secluded place near the Bodny Canal and fired four bullets at him from the victim’s licensed revolver. Sandeep Singh died on the spot, ”the policeman said.

Manjit Singh, the main defendant, kept a revolver and a mobile phone next to Sandeep Singh’s body in an SUV and fled in another vehicle, DSP said, adding that an investigation is ongoing.

(with PTI inputs)



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