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‘Change is coming’ to streaming, says Jason Kilar, the WarnerMedia chief.

AT&T may don’t want HBO Max anymorebut the streaming platform is gaining traction with customers.

HBO and HBO Max, which features genre franchises such as Game of Thrones and The Sopranos, and Hollywood blockbusters such as Wonder Woman 1984, added 10.7 million customers in a little over a year, of which 2. 8 million came. for the three months ended June, AT&T reported Thursday. These numbers include both HBO Max and HBO.

The company has 67.5 million subscribers to HBO and HBO Max, of which 47 million are in the United States. AT&T, which struck a deal with sell your media The companies expect HBO and HBO Max to have 70 million to 73 million customers by the end of the year, higher than previous projections.

Netflix, the most popular streaming service, has 209 million subscribers, of which about 66 million are in the United States. It acquired customers in the second quarter, but growth slowed significantly and it lost 430,000 subscribers in the United States and Canada, a sign that cracks start to show in the streamer’s long-standing reign.

Speaking about the streaming industry in general, Jason Keelar, CEO of WarnerMedia, AT&T’s media arm, said in an interview, “The only thing I can promise you is change. There is no doubt that change is coming, and this is appropriate because we live in a dynamic time. “

WarnerMedia, which includes CNN, Warner Bros. Film and Television Studios, and Turner Cable Networks, is about to become the property of Discovery Inc. media companies continue to devour each other in an attempt to bypass Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. The deal, which is expected to close around the middle of next year, will create the second largest media business in the United States after the Walt Disney Company and ahead of Netflix and NBCUniversal.

Mr Kilar who learned about the acquisition just weeks before the announcement is made, may be out of work after the close of the deal.

Both companies are prohibited from working together until the merger is approved by government regulators, including termination of any employment contracts. However, such deals often involve implicit leadership agreements. Mr. Kilar said he met with David Zaslav, head of Discovery, but did not touch on the topic of his work.

“David and I have known each other for a long time,” he said, “and I think it’s fair to say that there is a lot of common respect between both of us.”

Mr Kilar who took responsibility for the company Just 15 months ago, he announced that he had no plans to leave.

“There will be a moment when I look up next year when I reflect on this topic,” he continued. “But I’m definitely not going to do it until 2022.”

Mr. Kilar, who was the founder and CEO of Hulu, is considered a bit of a rebel in Hollywood. In 2011, he expanded the industry, creating the now famous manifesto for the future of entertainment to many, this sounded like a sharp criticism of Hulu’s corporate ownership.

In the post, traditional television was criticized for too many commercials. Mr. Kilar also blew up the telegram, predicting that viewers would end up dropping expensive parcels.

After joining WarnerMedia, Mr. Kilar quickly changed leadership roles and cut costs to simplify the business.

He then pissed off Hollywood (again) by breaking tradition and releasing the entire Warner Bros. 2021 on HBO Max on the same day they were supposed to hit theaters. The move would have cost some of Hollywood’s biggest players in-house profits – the commission that top producers and stars earn based on box office receipts – but the company quickly closed deals to make sure they were paid.

Unlike Netflix, Disney +, and HBO Max, as well as other new streaming entrants, they all have outdated agreements with cable TV distributors and Hollywood studios that prevent a more comprehensive approach to putting movies and TV shows online immediately.

For Mr. Kilar, the move was not intended to upset Hollywood, but rather was part of a larger strategy goose HBO Max.

It seemed to work. The release of specially crafted big-screen entertainment such as HBO Max’s Godzilla vs. Kong has helped increase the service’s customer base.

Mr. Kilar intends to pursue this strategy until 2022. Warner Bros. will release 10 films exclusively for the streaming platform. Big-budget films like Batman, a reimagining of the comic book character starring Robert Pattinson, will have relatively short windows in theaters 45 days before they hit HBO Max, Keelar said.

“This is very, very different from how the world worked in 2019,” he said. “Ultimately, I really think that while you’re thinking about it, change can be very, very beneficial, not only for the customers, but also for the people we work with.”



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