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Children falling prey to psychological issues due to second Covid wave: Experts

According to experts, the second wave of Covid has resulted in children of all age groups being victims of psychological problems due to increased time in front of the screen, lack of social interaction and parents who do not have time for them, despite the fact that they work from at home.

Dr Mina J., Pediatrician, Aakash Healthcare, Dwarka, said anxiety and behavioral problems are common in older children, while children between the ages of two and three have developmental delays.

“Children usually start speaking by the age of two or three, but we see speech delays. They have learned some activity, but they are not doing it. For example, there were some children who were toilet trained, but they wet the bed or didn’t tell their parents when they wanted to go to the toilet, ”she said.

Children who are neither young nor teens face learning difficulties, throw tantrums, exhibit aggressive behavior, and fear socialization. Some of them developed social phobia and stranger anxiety, she said.

“Children who come for treatment are afraid to communicate with us,” she said.

Blocking, severity of the second wave coronavirus According to experts, the main reasons for the delay in the development of children are the fear of infection.

Dr. Namet Jerat, senior consultant at the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, said that due to the long quarantine, children are experiencing erratic behavior and outbursts of anger.

Children also need to be looked after. (Source: Getty Images / Thinkstock)

According to him, since both children and parents are forced to stay indoors, everyone is in danger.

According to Corrobaroring Jerat, Dr. Jitendra Nagpal, a child psychology consultant and psychiatrist at Mulchand Hospital, said they see two to three such cases every day, and adolescents in particular are going through tough times.

IN pandemic brought a fundamental change in the lives of adolescents, and one of the most disturbing problems is the sense of lost identity among them.

“They have never been so detached from the school, their friends and the inner circle. These opportunities helped them to assert themselves. Unfortunately, now they are mistaken about their identity, ”he explained.

“In addition, the physical distancing made the children feel completely desolate. The pleasure of social interaction is limited only to homes, which causes them mental health problems, ”added Nagpal.

The massacre of the second wave, sensational media coverage and the constant fear of parents of catching Covid turned naturally confident children into vulnerable people, he lamented.

Dr. Rahul Nagpal, Director of Pediatrics at Fortis Hospital, Vasant Kunj, shared the situation and said that the parents of the two-year-old had consulted with him as he had no language development.

Upon probing, the doctor found out the reason – the increased screen time.

“When a child cried, his parents put on a cartoon. He was irritable and hated food. There was no language development. He had autistic syndrome, ”he said.

Nagpal said that he advised parents to “not use screen time” for the child, and to put him under proper supervision so that he can communicate with other people.

According to him, within six months the child has improved, learned a few words.

The senior physician said teens have problems with obesity, screening addiction, and parenting issues.

“Teenagers still have problems with their parents. But now that everyone is at home, the problems are growing. There are also problems with body image, and if parents talk about it, their children tell them not to be ashamed of their body, ”he said.

Fearing a potential third wave that could be fatal to children, experts are also receiving inquiries from concerned parents about how they can protect their wards from the virus, experts say.

They added that the unanimous answer to the questions is that parents must follow Covid-compliant behavior for the safety of their children.



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