Clear-headed response to national security matters absent during UPA, alleges Sitharaman


Union finance minister amid scandal over congressional leader Manish Tewari’s views on the terrorist attack in Mumbai on November 26, 2011. Nirmala Sitharaman announced a “clear answer” on national security issues adopted during Narendra Modi the government was “absent” until 2014.

According to her, the Modi government has given the military “the fullest right” to make appropriate decisions at the right time to show the people of the country how India is responding to such situations.

In his latest book, 10 Hot Spots: 20 Years, due December 2, Tewari criticized the congressional-led UPA government for its response to the 26/11 attack in Mumbai, suggesting that India should have taken action against Pakistan. since “restraint is not a sign of strength” is a remark that, for the second time in a month after criticizing Salman Khurshid’s Hindutwa, embarrassed the opposition party.

When scandal erupted on Tuesday over Tevari’s view that India should have taken a “kinetic response” in the days following the November 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack, the BJP opposed Congress and said the UPA-I government was putting national security at stake. … without answering decisively. “There comes a time when actions have to speak louder than words,” Tewari said.

As a result of coordinated attacks by 10 Pakistani terrorists in various places in the country’s trading capital, 166 people were killed.

Sitharaman, responding to a reporter’s question about Tiwari’s book, said, “Decisions of a similar nature during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s time since 2014 have been made with clear leadership that has trusted the military and has addressed (national security) issues.”

When it was Balakot or surgical strikes, the government immediately came to the rescue and gave the military full authority to make the appropriate decision at the right time, and the result was how India has responded to such situations, she said.

“This (reaction to national security) was completely absent in the days of the UPA. That is why, despite the attack, justice was not ensured, ”Sitharaman said.

Opposing Congress leader Mani Shankar Ayyar over his remarks about India’s defense spending, Sitharaman argued that in the 10 years of UPA’s rule, the government “has done nothing at all (to strengthen the country’s defense system).”

“As a result, we are filling this gap. Even this has been discussed in parliamentary debates about how the UPA defense ministry has been dormant. Today we are spending more to make up for it all, ”she said.


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