Congress slams govt over rising fuel prices, Rahul Gandhi alleges ‘tax dacoity’


Congress on Sunday criticized the Center for rising fuel prices, and former party leader Rahul Gandhi criticized the government, saying that “tax tyranny” over gasoline prices is growing and there will be some breathing room if elections are held elsewhere.

Secretary General of the Congress Priyanka Gandhi Vadra also attacked the Center over rising gasoline and diesel prices, claiming that Modi’s government set records for “causing trouble.”

On Twitter, the Secretary General of Congress noted a media report stating that gasoline prices rose by a record Rs 23.53 this year.

“The Modi Ji government has made great strides in bringing trouble to the people. Highest unemployment rate: in the Modi government. State property for sale: in the government of Modi. Gasoline prices have risen the most in a year: in the Modi government, ”Gandhi said on Twitter in Hindi.

Striking a blow at the government, Rahul Gandhi tweeted in Hindi: “Tax banditry over gasoline prices is on the rise. If elections are held somewhere, there will be some respite from this. ” In his tweet, he used the TaxExtortion hashtag.

Chief Congressional Representative Randeep Surjevala also criticized the government, noting the same reportage posted by Priyanka Gandhi and tweeting “Acce Din” (good days).

Gasoline and diesel prices on Sunday were rose for the fifth day in a row at 35 paise per liter eachpushing injection rates to new highs across the country.

Gasoline prices in Delhi rose to their highest level of Rs 107.59 a liter and Rs 113.46 a liter in Mumbai, according to a price notice from state fuel retailers.

In Mumbai, diesel now costs Rs 104.38 per liter, while in Delhi it is Rs 96.32 per liter.


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