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COVID: Assam govt to pay Rs 2.5 lakh to widows

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COVID: Assam government to pay widows 2.5 million rupees

On Sunday, the Assam government announced that it will allocate Rs 2.5 million to each widow whose husbands have died from COVID-19 if their household income is less than Rs 5,000. Under the Chief Minister’s new COVID-19 Widows Support Program, recipients of the Orunode and Widows Pension programs are also eligible for one-time financial assistance.

“Many precious lives have been lost to # COVID19, leaving a number of families in distress. In our sincere efforts to provide some assistance to women whose husbands have died of illness, such eligible widows will receive 2.5 lakhs as a one-time grant. “Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma tweeted.

Under the scheme, the husband of the beneficiary was required to be a positive COVID patient at the time of death, and this must be certified by the COVID Audit Council at the state level.

“The beneficiary must belong to a low-income family and have an annual income of up to 5 lakhs,” the details of the scheme say.

However, it states that widows of civil servants will not be covered by this scheme, as they receive a family pension in accordance with normal norms.

“The Deputy Commissioner is to compile a list of eligible beneficiaries from the NHM’s COVID Victim Database. The list will be checked against the eligibility criteria. After verification, the money will be transferred to the accounts of the beneficiaries, ”the scheme document says. …

He added that anyone who meets the selection criteria and is not on the shortlist can submit an application with supporting documents to the appropriate DC.

A total of 4,403 people have died in Assam due to COVID-19, according to a National Health Mission (NHM) bulletin.

The NHM also reported that an additional 1,347 COVID-19 patients have died, but the government’s death audit council did not include them in the death toll from the virus as they had other illnesses.

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