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Dominic Cummings has admitted the Leave campaign won by lying – we should never forgive him

The headlines made Dominic Cummings’ contempt for Boris Johnson and the prime minister’s lighthearted disregard for the queen’s health. his interview with Laura Kuensberg, the BBC’s political editor, this week. Personally, I found what he said about the 2016 Brexit referendum equally shocking.

First, Cummings admitted he doubted Brexit. When asked if he thinks that leaving the European Union is still a good idea, the chief architect of Vote Leave’s victory replied: “No one on earth knows what the answer is … Anyone who says he is confident about such questions , there is a cog. whether on the side of the Remnants or on our side. One of the reasons we won is precisely because on Vacation to Vote, we didn’t think we were definitely right, and the Rest were all idiots, traitors, or whatever. We never thought so and still don’t think so, and I don’t believe. I think it’s perfectly reasonable to say, “Brexit was a mistake, and history will prove it.”

This proclaimed tolerance and understanding will be news to all those Tory MPs who have been expelled from the parliamentary party and to legions of supporters who have been repeatedly accused of treason, lack of patriotism and lack of patriotism over the past four years. fatal thinkers and gloomy thinkers ”.

And knowing that the person without whom the Brexit supporters would never have won was not fully committed to the cause will bring very cold consolation to all exporters, fishermen, farmers, carriers, musicians, artists, small businesses, students, hoteliers, restaurateurs, UK residents. in the EU and EU residents in the UK who are suffering – many very hard – because of Brexit.

Cummings limited it to almost everything except confession with a smirk on his face – that the referendum was won on false pretexts.

Kuensberg challenged him over a major pledge to not vote – £ 350m Brexit dividend for the NHS. “You knew very well then and you know very well now that this figure does not include the so-called discount, the money that the UK should leave,” she said. “Yes,” Cummings replied.

He explained that he used this figure to focus the debate on the “balance sheet” of UK EU membership and “drive the Stay campaign and the people who run it crazy.”

“So it was a deliberate trap for the other side?” Kuensberg asked.

“Yeah,” Cummings replied.

“But wasn’t it important what you said to the public?” Kuensberg said.

“No, I don’t think so,” Cummings replied.

“It doesn’t matter what you say to the public!” Kuensberg exclaimed before remarking, “I see you almost laugh today when you think about it.”

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Pause. To say that the UK is contributing £ 350 million to the EU on a weekly basis, not to mention that it got roughly £ 100 million back in rebate, is a hell of a hoax. It’s a bit like giving a store owner a pound for a 75p Mars bar and not mentioning the 25p change when asked how much you paid.

And, by Cummings’ own admission, that pledge of £ 350 million more than anything else, determined the outcome of Britain’s most important vote in decades. In a binary referendum on the terrifyingly difficult question of Britain’s EU membership, the campaign to defend the common people against the self-serving elite of the establishment deliberately deceived them. At a moment of supreme national importance, he played a deeply cynical political game. How patriotic was that?

Kuensberg then referred to Vote Leave’s inflammatory statement that Turkey is close to securing EU membership – a claim that has raised fears that 80 million Muslims and some terrorists will head to the UK. Accused of “distorting reality,” Cummings revealed the staggering scope of his cynicism and dishonesty, responding, “We didn’t say he was going to join. We said that it is in the process of joining. “

These are the hard facts. In 2016, Turkey first applied to join the EU 29 years earlier – in 1987. By the time of the referendum, it had successfully agreed on only one of the 35 “chapters” required for membership. Until recently lean towards authoritarianism, there was not the slightest possibility of Turkey joining the EU for decades to come, and Cummings knew this very well.

Finally, Kuensberg challenged him over an illegal parliamentary hiatus, purging Tory rebels, deliberately fomenting popular anger, and other “extreme measures” he and Johnson used to break the parliamentary stalemate over Brexit in late 2019 – measures that she said: “He ushered in an era of division in this country that we have not seen in decades.”

Cummings acknowledged the use of “provocative” tactics aimed at “disorienting people on the other side,” but insisted, “This is politics.”

He continued: “The people I blame are the people who tried to overthrow, who did not accept the results of the referendum.” He didn’t mention that his “Vote to Reject” campaign deliberately did not specify which Brexit he wants – hard or soft, Australian, Canadian or Norwegian. It, of course, never mentioned the possibility of the UK leaving the EU without a deal. Parliament had every right, even solemn duty, to fight for the least destructive Brexit and seek to prevent a catastrophic outcome without a deal.

That’s all, straight from the mouth of the notorious horse. The referendum was won under false pretenses as a result of a completely unprincipled campaign, the mastermind of which played deeply cynical political games and was not even convinced that Brexit was good for Britain. Opposition in Parliament was then crushed with extreme measures, which Cummings rejects as mere “politics” but any decent, sane person would consider shameless.

Cummings may find it all amusing, but as Brexit’s enormous cost to the UK’s cohesion, economy and international standing becomes more evident, is it any wonder that millions of angry Remnants still can’t forgive and forget?



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