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Early diagnosis, prompt treatment is key to manage endometriosis, says experts

A sharp increase endometriosis (multisystem disorder), as many women complain of painful periods, cramps, painful sex, constipation, weak movement, bloating, back pain, leg pain, pain when urinating, pain during bowel movements, and rectal bleeding. However, there are also many women who are asymptomatic. Timely diagnosis, appropriate treatment and extensive knowledge of the disease will help women improve their quality of life, doctors advise.

“Endometriosis affects girls and women of reproductive age and attaches to any organ associated with reproductive function. It can be described as an abnormal growth of tissues that resemble the lining of the uterus outside the uterus. The cause of endometriosis is unknown, although there are many theories. Common symptoms are severe pelvic pain, infertility, long menstrual cycles, nausea or vomiting, ”said Dr. Abhishek Mangeshikar, consultant gynecologist for laparoscopy and robotics at ACI Cumball Hill Hospital.

The main reason women should be knowledgeable about endometriosis the fact that the disease occurs quite often and not rarely. “It affects women more than breasts. cancer… Many have not heard about this, and the disease has not received the attention it deserves, because it is not fatal. Many women may complain of excessive pain during their period. This is wrongly considered normal and they are being asked to be stronger due to lack of awareness, ”he added.

Since endometriosis impairs quality of life due to persistent pain, dymenorrhea, dyspareunia and loss of concentration and self-esteem, early diagnosis and follow-up by a physician is indicated, Dr. Sushruta Mokadam, Senior Consultant Obstetrician-Gynecologist, Maternity Hospital, Haradi, Pune is recommended. “Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids (chia, flax seeds, walnuts, salmon), fresh fruits and vegetables, avoiding trans fats, avoiding alcohol and caffeine, and exercising regularly can help relieve and resolve the symptoms of endometriosis.” – said Dr. Mokadam.

Avoid drinking caffeine. (Source: Getty / Thinkstock)

According to experts, stage I endometriosis is minimal when the patient may have small adhesions and a small amount of endometriotic tissue on the ovary. It can also include inflammation in or around the pelvic area. Stage II is mild, with more adhesions on or around the ovaries. These adhesions are defined as “too small” at this stage and are usually too small to be detected on ultrasound if the doctor does not pay attention to the soreness of the probe in this area when examining the ovary. Stage III is moderate, in which adhesions will be clearly evident and usually there may be cysts on the ovaries. There may be growths in other areas of the pelvis, eroding in the territory stage IV endometriosis

“Stage IV is the final stage associated with a large number of cysts and strong adhesions. Most cysts appear on the ovaries and adhesions on the pelvic lining and can affect the fallopian tubes and intestines. This can cause terrible discomfort during bowel movements and the worst pain during menstruation, ”explained Dr. Mangeshikar.

According to Dr. Mangeshikar, endometriosis needs a separate narrow specialty, and this neglected disease goes beyond the daily obstetric and gynecological practice, specialized centers for the treatment of endometriosis should deal with it. “Surgery must be performed by a well-trained, well-coordinated team of specialists, and treatments must be tailored to the patient, not just the disease. Each case is different, and treatment must be individual, ”he said, adding that the patient is usually discharged within 24-72 hours, depending on the recovery and complexity of the operation.

During the second wave, only those patients with severe pain who needed an urgent operation and received the necessary travel documents during isolation, received treatment. “During the second wave, we successfully operated on 10 patients. Over the past nine months, I have seen hundreds of endometriosis patients (in person and by teleconsultation). I have limited the number of surgeries to emergency and semi-emergency cases so as not to use limited resources during Covid, and during this time we have successfully dealt with 56 cases of advanced endometriosis. About 25 percent of cases suffer from fertility problems, but more than 90 percent suffer from pain, ”emphasized Dr. Mangeshikar.

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