ED officers know Congress can’t be suppressed: Rahul Gandhi


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said he was unaffected by the Office of Enforcement, which recently questioned him for five days about his alleged role in the National Herald case.

“ED and similar bodies do not affect me, even the officers who interrogated me understood that the leader of the Congress party cannot be intimidated and suppressed,” the Congress leader said during a conversation with party workers at AICC headquarters on Wednesday. afternoon.

Thanking the party workers for their support during the ED interrogation, Gandhi admitted that he “was not alone” and that they were “fighting for democracy” with him.

The leader of the Congress went on to criticize the Center’s new policies. Agnipat short-term recruitment scheme for the Armed Forces. “We must strengthen the army, but this government weakens it; this will have consequences during the war,” he said.

On Tuesday, Gandhi was summoned for another interrogation for the fifth time.

The ambulance called Rahul last Monday and interrogated him for three consecutive days. Sources say Rahul is being questioned about Young Indian (YI) being owned by the Gandhi family, as well as his stake in Associate Journals Limited (AJL), the company that runs the National Herald newspaper. He is being questioned about the circumstances under which AJL was acquired by Young Indian in 2010 for “pennies”, which in turn made her the owner of all assets owned by the National Herald newspaper.

Earlier in the day, Congress leader Sachin Pilot said the party’s leadership was being persecuted. “The government has targeted dissidents. This is clearly a politically motivated move. It’s not just about Mrs Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi, but all the opposition,” he told the ANI news agency. “Congressional leadership was targeted because it actively opposed BJP“.



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