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EXCLUSIVE: “One of the challenging scenes to write was the interrogation scene between Manoj Bajpayee and Samantha Akkineni”- The Family Man 2 co-director Suparn Varma : Bollywood News – Bollywood Hungama

After a long delay and waiting, Family Man 2 was released on June 4 on the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform. The show’s first season, released in 2019, was a huge success, and the creators overcame the curse of the second season with even more success. Writer-director Suparn Varma has joined Family Man 2 in March 2019 when the first season was on the editing table. He wrote the show and even directed five of the nine episodes of the second season. In an exclusive conversation with Bollywood HungamaSuparn Varma talked about the perspective of the series, the difficult scenes of the series and which scenes fit his worldview, Raj Nidimor, Krishna D.K. and Suman Kumar.

Suparn Varma on Observer Lens Tracking for the TV Series
We live in a world where every story always has two sides, and it is from what point of view you look at the story. I could tell a story from one point of view or another. If I truly believe in the problems the world is facing, then there is no left and right, no black and white. We live in a gray world where there are nuances. I totally believe in the fact that I would like to put both sides of the coin and let you judge, not judge for me, because this is not a narrative. And we are not here to take sides or say what is good and what is bad, you decide. We show you the world as it is.

A scene that represents the worldview of Suparn Varma, Raj Nidimoru, Krishna D.K. and Sumana Kumar.
In Episode 6, Shrikant Tiwari, Milind, and Muthu engage in a conversation in which they discuss why people like the Raji enjoy tremendous support from the locals. The scene ends with Shrikant Tiwari saying: “Chup, buddy, karoge this medal milega, the opinion of the doge that paap lagega.” Speaking of the stage, Suparn said, “One of my favorite stories that I love to tell is Rambo 3… IN Rambo 3, Rambo fights evil Russians with the help of the good Taliban, and this is an 80s movie. This is a different world, a different time. Today the roles of the Russians and the Taliban are reversed. So as the world changes, politics changes, perspectives change, and that’s what he says, governments will come and go, we work to signify, we work for our country. We don’t work for a party. Our nation comes first. The end of the day is what reality is. From your point of view, someone may be right; from their point of view, you may be wrong. This is which side of the lens you are looking at. I wanted to contextualize this in that scene. To be honest, this scene defines the worldview of me, Raj, D.K. and Sumana. This is how we see the world. There are two sides of the world, there is no binary. We need to open our minds to what is reality, and I think that if we reach even one percent, then this is a victory for us, because this scene means a lot to us. “

Raja’s Creation (Samantha Akkineni)
We investigated the atrocities that occurred during the civil war in Ilam. The struggle that people went through at that time is terrifying and we wanted to show her and she (Raji) is literally a child from a generation that has endured so much that her story is so powerful in itself that she doesn’t need to. the words. In the scene where Manoj interrogates her, I wanted to directly expose Manoj’s lies. The first time is ambiguous. He lies to her about his son’s death on 11/26 and she tells him the story and tells him my truth. Since she survived, she knows facts from fiction, and this scene is enough to define her inside out. You know where she is coming from, you know where she is going, and sometimes silence speaks louder than words, and Raji embodies that. The way Samantha showed it just by looking into her eyes gives goosebumps. That frightened look she gave, holding back and communicating literally takes skill, and she did it.

The most challenging scenes to write and stage
I think one of the tricky scenes to write was the interrogation scene because I didn’t want it to be stamped. You can do all that kaun hai, kaun hai batao and all that or use this scene to do an exposure, but it doesn’t look like an exposure, but the whole character graph is laid out. Honestly, this is one of my favorite and challenging scenes. Another scene was between Sajid and Raji on the beach before they left for Point Pedro. So these are my two favorite scenes and difficult scenes because you try not to talk too much and talk a lot through the silence. One of the most difficult tasks for the production was the finale of the 8th episode, in which Driiti was kidnapped, and Ashlesha is a terrific actor. It was a dream come true. So, thanks to Mukesh Chabra.

Finally, ask him for an update on The Family Man season 3, and Suparn says that only three people can answer the question: Raj, D.K. and Chellam, sir.

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