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Feels Like Ishq review: Breezy and sweet, Netflix’s latest anthology explores love’s different shades

Netflix on the anthology list. After exploring fear, lust, absurdity and Satyajit Ray, they focused on love with Feels Like Ishq. Avoiding dirty relationships and the dark side of romance Feels Like Ishq embraces the first impulse of love.

Fresh, sweet and sincere, Feels Like Ishq explores different shades of love and affection with a little baggage of complexity and uncertainty. Netflix’s latest offering includes six stories from directors Ruchira Arun, Tahira Kashyap Hurran, Anand Tiwari, Danish Aslam, Jaydeep Sarkar and Sachin Kundalkar. From a phobia of commitment to sweet encounters and hobbies, the series explores romantic notions of love at different stages of life. While Tahira Kashyap’s Quaranteen-Crush depicts the heartache of school hobbies, Save the Day by Ruchira Aruna (te) is the story of a wedding planner and bridesmaid trying to find a missing bride. In Danish Aslam and Sulagna Chatterjee’s story “She Loves Me, She Doesn’t Love Me,” a woman falls in love with her colleague, but is not sure if she will reveal it to her. Meanwhile, in Jaydeep Sarkar’s Ishq Mastana, two activists fall in love during a protest.

In Anand Tiwari’s Star Force, Aditya Rohita Sarafa literally accidentally crashes into Tara Simran Jehani. Opposites attract, because he loves nature, and she does not want to approach her. Aditya is an unusual landlord who rented out his house in Mahabaleswar to save enough money to go see the northern lights. Tara enters, who is in the process of breaking. After a few moments of awkwardness, an affectionate bond begins to develop between them, albeit tentatively. This little story is very enjoyable, and the most compelling part of it is that there is no sermon to preach or life lesson to teach the viewer.

The story comes to life with an emphasis on nature, be it hills, swarms of fireflies, or mention of the northern lights. This is not unusual, as the two main characters find love by taking on something a little bold, familiar Bollywood image.

Sachin Kundalkar’s interview is somewhat different and more subtle. The two characters, Shahana (Zane Marie Khan) and Rajiv (played by Niraj Madhav, The Family Man’s Musa) find each other during an interview, both vying for a spot in an electronics store in Mumbai. She is confident in herself, while he, new to the Malayali city, lacks confidence. The devil is in the details, and Niraj Madhav is the star of this tale, as he easily enters the character of a small town without portraying him in a caricature, bringing Rajiv to life with small manners such as playing with a wristwatch and squeezing the straps of his backpack.

The idea of ​​the anthology is to instill this warm and vague feeling in the viewer. It’s clear that stories don’t have to be deep, but just really sweet. Well, if you like sweet and cuddly romances, this show is just for you. However, too much sweetness can be an overdose.



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