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Fitness Friday: Amyra Dastur’s workout video will motivate you to end the week on a high note

Fitness Friday is here and Amira DasturIn the new video, you will be motivated to hit the gym and get your training cycle back on track. The star loves to keep motivated to stay fit and healthy by combining multiple activities in her routine, be it yoga or weightlifting exercises. Read on to find out all about her latest gym video.

Amira went to Instagram today to share a video of all her workouts this week. She added that Fitness Friday has never been so good.

Amyra captioned the video: “#fitnessfriday has never been so good. Summing up the results of all workouts for the week. #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessgirl #gymgirl #fitnessmotivation # workoutroutine #fitnessisalifestyle.


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The video begins with Amira doing a deadlift with a barbell, followed by squats with a barbell, climbers with a suspension, pelvic jerks with a barbell, dumbbell press, chest press in suspension, deadlifts at front latitudes and weighted planks.

During her weekly workouts, Amira chose sportswear in various prints and shades and tried not to fuss, tying her curls in every look.

All the exercises that Amira performed in the video are whole body workouts. They strengthen the core, leg and triceps of the body. If you are interested in the individual benefits of these exercises, we can help you.

The deadlift is one of the best exercises for training the hip extensors, reducing lower back pain, activating the core, and boosting metabolism.

Several key benefits of the barbell squat are that it strengthens your core and lower body muscles. They help reduce the number of calories in our body and increase athletic performance and strength.

Suspension Climbers improve cardiovascular stability and health. They also activate the core muscles and strengthen them.

Hip thrusts increase the strength and size of the buttocks, unlike many other exercises. In addition, glute strength is critical to stabilizing the core, pelvis, and lower body.

Dumbbell Press, Suspended Chest Press, Chest Rows, and Weighted Planks help build our triceps muscles. They concentrate on the upper body and also activate the nucleus.

So, are you exercising today?

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