Had Centre withdrawn agri laws earlier, deaths of 700 farmers could’ve been prevented: BJP leader


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If the Center had previously repealed agricultural laws, the deaths of 700 farmers could have been prevented: BJP leader


  • The BJP leaders also asked the government to accept all the farmers’ demands.
  • Singh demanded from the Center to compensate at least 50 lakhs to the relatives of each dead farmer.
  • In the case of a dependent minor, the Center should bear his or her education costs, Singh said.

Launching a tirade against the central leadership of his own party, BJP leader and former MLA Ram Iqbal Singh said the deaths of more than 700 farmers could have been prevented if the Union government had repealed three controversial agriculture laws within 30 days of farmers’ agitation.

Singh, a member of the BJP’s executive committee in Uttar Pradesh, also called Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut “manchali” (crazy) for her statements about the country’s independence.

“More than 700 farmers would not have died if three agricultural laws were repealed within 30 days of the farmers’ agitation. This decision to repeal the laws is a sign of happiness on the one hand, and a late latifi (delayed action) on the other.” Singh told reporters in the Nagra district on Tuesday evening.

He also asked the government to accept all the demands of the farmers.

Singh demanded from the Center to compensate at least 50 lakhs to the relatives of each farmer who died in the protest and to provide a family member with employment.

“In the event that the deceased farmers’ dependents are illiterate, the Center must pay such families a monthly fee of 20,000 rupees,” he added.

In addition, the BJP leader said that in the case of a minor dependent, the state should bear his or her education costs. Singh said that if the dependent is a widow, the monthly pension is Rs 25,000.

He has said in the past that farmers would not be outraged if the Center consulted with them before passing agricultural laws. He also called on the government to pass legislation guaranteeing a minimum maintenance price (MSP) for their products.

When asked about Kangana Ranaut, who is the focus of her controversial remarks, Singh called her a “manchali” (crazy) woman.

According to him, the government should apply the National Security Law against her.

The “Queen” actor and recipient Padma Shri raised the controversy that India’s independence in 1947 was “bhik” (alms) and that true independence was achieved in 2014.

Most recently, the Youth Congress and Sikh Governance Committee of Gurdwara of Delhi filed complaints against her with the police for allegedly making offensive remarks about former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and comparing farmers to Khalistan terrorists.

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