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How China became the world’s biggest CO2 emitter

Saturday (24 July) marks 100 days before the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties, or Cop26, in Glasgow, Scotland.

The global scientific community has warned of irreversible climate disruption if measures to limit CO2 emissions in the world are not taken or even accelerated, which will make the conference important. Despite the efforts of the UK, EU and US, annual global carbon emissions continue to rise, with China and India leading the way.

How China Became the World’s Largest CO2 Emitter

Annual CO2 emissions by country / cumulative

Since 2010, the UK has cut CO2 emissions by 28 percent, the US by 7 percent and the 27 EU member states by 15 percent.

At the same time, China’s annual CO2 emissions increased by 20 percent and India emissions were up 56 percent.

In Russia, which continues to be a significant contributor, total production has grown by 4 percent since 2010.



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