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I adopted a puppy and these 5 apps for pets made life easier

Bringing a puppy home is a big responsibility. This is great if you have had dogs before and have a general idea of ​​how your daily routine will change in the next few months. However, if this is your first pet, life can get very complicated and confusing.

The latter soon happened to me, and I turned to technology for much needed help. While there are many pet apps to be found on the Internet, some of them are really useful and have made life with my little one a lot easier. Goku

Indian dog breeds DeeDee

There are a number of apps for identifying different dog breeds, but most of them won’t give you much information if you have an Indian breed puppy. However, DeeDee’s Indian Dog Breeds provides a directory to help you determine if the indie puppy you just brought home is a pariah, terra gull, Indian spitz or pandicon.

The app also has a page with information about each of these breeds, including behavioral characteristics, which should give you a clear idea of ​​what kind of dog your new puppy will grow up to be.

11pets: Pet Grooming

11pets requires you to register, but once it’s done, it offers many different services. These include a calendar where you can set up vaccination and deworming reminders and daily medication reminders. There is one section where you can keep all your vaccination documents and any blood tests in one place. The storage section can also store photos of your pet.

While the app is also intended for professional groomers and animal welfare associations, I have used it in the standard Pet Grooming mode for individuals and families. This app has a lot more to learn after installation. What’s more, it’s also handy if you have a cat, birds, or other popular pets.

Dogo – app for training dogs and puppies

Dogo is communication between you and your puppy. A learning-oriented app starts with a series of yes or no questions such as, “Does your puppy accidentally end up in the pot?” and “Does your dog return to you immediately on command?” create an individual training program for users. These programs, like training apps for humans, include lessons and exams.

The calendar can be followed in the day-to-day system, and while it may seem overwhelming, your puppy will quickly figure it out. Topics covered include areas such as hand feeding, potty training, and helping with crates, handling, collars, biting, and more.


Puppr is another learning app with a completely different user interface and approach compared to Dogo, but essentially serves the same purpose. The clicker-based training module helps users train their puppies using a positive reinforcement approach, letting them know, for example, when to treat the dog after a successful exercise.

You can also spend some money and buy more training packages that are not included in basic plans, such as the Stupid package, which includes tricks like flipping, spinning, crawling, and dancing.

The sounds of Boris J.

Dog sounds are a fun way to spend time with your puppy when he’s not seriously exercising. There are several sound effects in the app, from the sounds of other dogs to squeaky toys, which are a great way to attract your puppy to play. Just make sure they don’t mistake your phone for a toy or bite off.



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