India will be close partner of new govt in Iraq to achieve economic recovery, stability: Secy Bhattacharyya


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India will be a close partner of the new government in Iraq to achieve economic recovery and stability: Sesi Bhattacharya.


  • Election concerns should be resolved by legal means: Indian Diplomat
  • It is imperative that the international community and Iraqi partners continue to provide support, he said.
  • The Indian diplomat also highlighted India’s growing ties with Iraq.

Strongly condemning the assassination attempt on the Iraqi prime minister, India said on Tuesday that it will remain a willing partner of the new government in its efforts to achieve economic recovery, peace and stability. These remakes were presented by Sanjay Bhattacharya, Secretary of the Government of India at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA), at a UNSC briefing on the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq.

Bhattacharya said India hopes that the successful conclusion of the elections will mark the beginning of a new phase on the road to a stable Iraq.

“The people of Iraq, despite the difficult economic and security situation and the lingering threat of terrorism, have expressed their will for a safer, more inclusive and prosperous Iraq. We look forward to the early formation of a government that will fulfill their aspirations, “he said.

During his speech, Bhattacharya, on behalf of India, strongly condemned the assassination attempt on Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi and expressed India’s concern about the losses caused by the attack. “There is no place for terrorism and violence in any civilized society. They must not be allowed to undermine peace and stability in Iraq. “

Noting the concerns expressed by some parties about the electoral process, the Indian diplomat said that any fears about the elections or their results should be resolved through legal and peaceful means within the constitutional framework of Iraq.

“Violence and intimidation should not be tools to satisfy these grievances. We call on the parties to renounce violence and resolve differences through peaceful and inclusive dialogue. ”

<< The threat of terrorism continues to pose a serious threat to the security, stability, governance, socio-economic development of Iraq. We strongly condemn all terrorist attacks by the Islamic State (IS) on the people of Iraq and express our sincere and deep intentions of condolences to the families of the victims. "

Bhattacharya also stressed the importance for the international community and Iraqi partners to continue to provide support and training so that Iraqi security forces can fight terrorism and build their capacity to counter future threats. Highlighting the country’s growing ties with India, the diplomat said New Delhi’s friendship with Iraq has a rich history.

“Our interpersonal ties and multifaceted bilateral relations are very strong. India has always responded to the pressing needs of Iraq. Our Technical and Economic Cooperation Program has grown stronger over the years and continued even during the COVID-19 pandemic. “

“As an unwavering supporter of a democratic, pluralistic, federal, united and prosperous Iraq, India will remain a voluntary partner of the new government in its efforts to achieve economic recovery, peace and stability, national reconciliation and reconstruction,” he concluded.

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