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Indian Idol 12: Reena Roy sees her younger self in Shanmukhapriya

It will be a nostalgic ride on Indian Idol 12 this weekend as actor Reena Roy will grace the set as a special guest. The top six members will be seen in her hit numbers, which will leave the actor feeling emotional.

ShanmukhapriyaSpecifically, performing at Disco Station will make Rina remember her golden days. Post the show, the veteran actor tells Shanmukhapriya that he sees her as a younger Rina Roy. This compliment will leave Shanmukhapriya flustered and emotional.

In the episode, which will air on Saturday, Reena Roy will also talk about the times she has cycled around Mumbai. After Siley Kumble’s talk, she will talk about her passion for bicycles.

She said: “Since childhood, I loved to ride bicycles. My sister Barkha, who shot Sanam Teri Kasam, specially added a bike scene to it at my request. I woke up in the morning, took my bike and went for a walk. I was a girl from Bandra with a bicycle. I had Yamaha. One day when I was busy filming, my little sister tried to ride and hurt herself. So my mom returned the bike to the person we took it from and said that we didn’t want him to stay at home. ”

Reena Roy on stage Indian Idol 12. (Photo: PR)

Reena Roy shares how she kept her favorite foods in front of the camera so she had the right expression on her face. The actor will also reveal that Jitendra was her most punctual co-star in the film. She will say that when they have an early morning shift, Jitendra will wake up at 5am and call everyone to be ready for filming on time.

Indian Idol 12 will show its finale on August 15th. The final will include Shanmukhapriya, Pavandip Rajan, Sayali Kumble, Arunita Kandjilal, Nihaal Tauro and Mohd Danish.



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