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Indian millennials, Gen-Zs more likely to school others on appropriate Covid behaviour, survey finds

We have been living in the “new norm” for over a year now. Among pandemicMost countries have understood what is considered appropriate behavior, especially when it comes to exiting the game. Until social distancing there is still a lot of attention, people are also encouraged to wear a mask at all times.

How do millennials and Gen Z in India feel about this against the backdrop of this influx of information and pandemic right and wrong behavior?

Deloitte India recently reported in its 10th edition of the Millennial and Gen Z Survey 2021 that the vast majority of Indian millennials (86 percent) and Gen Z (80 percent) adhere strictly to public health guidelines in their daily lives – to a greater extent. than the global average – these groups are somewhat less likely than their counterparts around the world to wear face masks in public.

Plus, both millennials and Gen Z are far more likely to challenge other people for breaking the rules. They are also expected to avoid shops and other public places, mainly for fear of being surrounded by crowds.

The survey found that while 74% of millennials in India and 69% of Gen Zers regularly wore masks in public, 73% of millennials and 66% of Gen Zers avoided shopping, public transport and other places. many people. On top of that, 48 percent of millennials and 43 percent of Gen Z have challenged people who do not follow the recommended guidelines.

Compared to that, only 12 percent of Indian millennials and 13 percent of Indian Gen Zers complained about being too tight.

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