ISB launches its flagship pre-incubation programme for aspiring entreprenuers


Indian School of Business (ISB) DLabs has launched its ISPROUTE preincubation program. ISB DLabs launched its free program and will bring in top-notch mentors and industry experts to guide and support members in the early stages of launch.

The first group of the program opens 25 places for aspiring entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. Interested candidates can clarify details at

ISB DLabs invites participants to join the preincubation program. Applications will be open until December 31, 2021, and applications are scheduled for February 2022. Applications are open to students, working professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs; people with initial ideas (with or without a prototype); industry agnostics – high-tech and non-tech, high-performance ideas.

Proposed programs will include workshops with industry experts and ISB instructors; grants and fundraising support; knowledge support and mentoring; networking opportunities through events and other relevant forums; value-added services to help build and scale products and services.

Saumya Kumar, Director of I-Venture @ ISB and CEO of DLabs, said: “The program is designed to offer interactive capacity building modules with expert mentoring and manual support, while aspiring entrepreneurs conduct structured experiments to test their ideas and improve their business. -strategies. It is a platform that offers actionable opportunities to transform ideas into POCs and propose MVPs. “


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