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Jammu attack IEDs aimed to hit in single direction; two more drones spotted

Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) fell from a suspect drone at the Indian Air Force (IAF) station in Jammu on Sunday, “shaped charges” were installed to “strike in the shortest possible time.” One direction”, According to sources.

Meanwhile, the army said a “serious threat was averted” when its troops opened fire on two unmanned aerial vehicles spotted over the Ratnuchak-Kaluchak military area – the first at around 11:45 pm on Sunday and then another at 2.40 am on Monday. Sources said it was unknown whether the drones were carrying any payload when they were “flying away.”

While the NIA and NSG teams arrived in Jammu to investigate the drone attack on the IAF station, an officer familiar with the details of the investigation said: “The explosive is believed to be RDX. The bombs were complex, indicating an experienced assembler. They were made in such a way that the blow was only in one direction, namely towards the ground. “

“Two separate drone actions were seen over the Ratnuchak-Kaluchak military area by vigilant troops,” Missile Defense Army Lt. Col. Devender Anand from Jammu said Monday. He said a high alert was immediately declared and the rapid response teams opened fire on the drones.

“Both drones flew away. The main threat was averted thanks to the vigilance and proactive approach of the troops, ”he said, adding that the security forces are on high alert and a search operation is underway.

The senior army officer said Indian express that the troops noticed the drone fires and opened fire. “Only the flashing lights were seen and then they opened fire,” he said.

He said the troops were “on alert” after the attack on Jammu earlier. Saying that there “might be a link” between the two incidents, he said such incidents “changed” the “dimensions” of national security.

Military bases in the area have been placed on high alert, and the NSG has deployed an anti-drone squad near some vital facilities in Jammu and Kashmir.

“It’s not uncommon to see drones across the border entering India for surveillance. Sometimes more than 150 such attempts are made a year. In this case, we do not yet know the purpose of these sorties, but we need to be on the lookout for every such invasion, ”the officer said.

While security forces are aware of drones dropping weapons and ammunition across borders, the possible use of commercially available cheap drones to drop explosives presents a new threat.

In 2002, 31 people, including three servicemen, 18 family members of soldiers and 10 civilians, were killed in a militant attack on the military town of Kaluchak.



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