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Kannada cinema making waves in international film festivals

Most of these films are hoping to be picked by streaming platforms, and two are also slated to be released in theaters.

With movie theaters closed, all commercial blockbusters are waiting in the banks. But Kannada cinema is causing waves around the world at several international film festivals.

Five indie films in Kannada that are considered rare are Prithvi Konanur. Pinkie Ellie?, Abhilash Shetty Koli Taal, Ganesha Hegde Neely Hakki, Baraguru Ramachandrappa Amrutamati and Siddu Purnachandra Daari Yavudaya Vaikunthake? – Shows and awards this season.

Most of these films currently running at the festival are hoping to be chosen by streaming platforms, and two are also planning to be released in theaters.

Prithvi’s second feature film Pinkie Ellie?, a violent urban crime film set in Bangalore around a missing child, recently opened the prestigious Busan International Film Festival. The film is also part of the Indian panorama. His earlier film Railroad kids was also critically acclaimed. After receiving rave reviews, Prithvi plans to release a theatrical film as soon as theaters open.

Historical film by senior writer and director Ramachandrappa Amrutamati– a rethinking of the 13th century Jaina poem by Gianna Yashodhara Charite, starring Harpririya and Kishore, is also being prepared for release in the theater. “The film has been screened at nine international film festivals and won several awards. Ironically, the film was rejected by BIFFes in the city. The Mumbai firm has bought the rights to the film and will release it as soon as cinemas open, ”he said.

Film Director Praises
Pinkie Ellie? Prithvi Konanur Opening Film of the Busan International Film Festival, Winner of the New York Indian Film Festival, part of Indian Panorama
Koli Taal Abhilash Shetty Premiere at the New York Indian Film Festival, participation in several international festivals.
Neely Hakki Ganesh Hegde Premiere at the New York Indian Film Festival, participation in several international festivals.
Daari Yavudaya Vaikunthake? Siddu Purnachandra Has won numerous awards at international film festivals in Barcelona, ​​Rajasthan, Golden Sparrow and Navada.
Amrutamati Baraguru Ramachandrappa Featured in nine international film festivals, including festivals in Boston, Austria and Atlanta, and has won numerous awards including Best Picture, Best Screenplay and Best Actor.

However, others are interested in releasing Over The Top (OTT). Debut film by self-taught director Ganesh turned self-taught engineer Neely Hakki, a film about a boy from a village at the edge of a forest and his struggles with displacement to an urban center, received rave reviews when it was screened at the New York Indian Film Festival and has even been compared to Satyajit Ray’s. Pater Panchali for similarities in the topic. “I hope the film becomes available through the OTT platform. I started negotiations with some platforms, ”he said.

Abhilash has worked on several films including Avane Srimannarayanaas a writer but wanted his first film to be an indie film. He did Koli Taal, which received rave reviews after its premiere at the New York Indian Film Festival. “In Malnada, home-grown chicken is cooked in honor of the guest – a tradition that I used as a premise. The chicken disappears when the grandson comes to visit and the film focuses on the grandfather’s adventures in order to catch him, ”he said, adding that he was also looking for an OTT release.

Another film currently shown at several festivals is the thriller: Siddu’s Daari Yavudaya Vaikunthake?in which a thief is stuck with a family living in a cemetery, hoping to be picked up by the OTT platform. His first film was also a thriller: Krishna Clothesbut stuck to the mainstream commercial form, but went into indie mode because “the story required that kind of narrative,” he said.

It is hoped that these films, if shown on streaming platforms, are likely to fill the gap in good Kannada content on those platforms.



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