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Karishma Tanna’s yoga diaries: Actress aces Pincha Mayurasana and Bakasana in new post

Karishma Tanna is a fitness enthusiast. When not playing characters for the big screen, the actor is usually seen in his house, engrossed in a yoga pose. Karishma swears by yoga and high intensity workouts and it shows in her.

Karishma Her Instagram profile is replete with snippets of her workouts, and she also intends to motivate her family on Instagram with her photos and videos. Karishma practices yoga classes in quaint corners of her home, and her fans can look at them like a miracle.

The actor never misses a fitness class, be it any time of the week. On Monday, Karishma started the week by doing two different yoga poses. The actor shared snippets of the same on her Instagram profile, and the set of photos is too inspiring.

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In one of the pictures Karishma can be seen performing the Pinch Mayurasana pose. In this position, also known as forearm balance, Karishma can be seen balancing the whole body on the forearms. Her head and forearms can be seen on the floor, and the rest of her body can be seen in the air – one leg in a straight position, forming a slope, and the other leg folded at the knees.

In another photo, Karishma took Bakasana’s position. She balanced her body on her palms and lifted her body into the air, crossing her legs at the waist. “Inverted” – this word Karishma accompanied the pictures. Let’s take a look:


Pincha Mayurasana and Bakasana, both poses have many health benefits. Pincha Mayurasana, if done regularly, can help strengthen the arms, neck, chest and abdomen. It also helps to improve the body’s sense of balance and calm the mind.

Bakasana, on the other hand, strengthens the arms, wrists, buttocks, and shoulders. When included in your daily workout, bakasana can help stretch your upper back and groin and tone your spine.

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